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Saw VI

Saw VI quotes

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View Quote Amanda Young: [to Hoffman] Maybe you should stick to the heavy lifting.
View Quote Amanda Young: [to Jeff's daughter, who is in the room she was last seen in Saw III] Don't trust the one who saves you.
View Quote Amanda Young: It works. It's real. He helped me.
View Quote Josh: [after Dave shows William a policy eligible for termination] Terminator strikes again.
View Quote TV News Anchor: This is not just the macabre conjectures of a psychic, but a forgone conclusion just waiting to rear its ugly head. Even though police would have you believe that John Kramer, a.k.a., Jigsaw, is dead, just this past week a new so-called game was discovered with grisly results. Victims have included anyone associated with the life of John Kramer, however remote. The Jigsaw Killer may be dead, but the murders continue.
View Quote Addy: William, I have a Casey Patterson on Line One.
William Easton: Take another message, Addy. I'll get back to her this week. [turns around] Sometime.
View Quote Brent: Someone's there. They're watching us.
Tara: Why? Why would someone do this?
Brent: See how we respond. They want to know what decision we'll make. [grabs the LIVE/DIE lever] Let's pull it.
Tara: No. We don't know what it does yet. It's too risky.
View Quote Dan Erickson: When I learned he and Perez were being targeted by Jigsaw, I should have been more aware, but I didn't see this coming. Not from Peter Strahm.
Mark Hoffman: It was a shock to all of us.
View Quote Debbie: Who found the error on his application?
William Easton: [gestures out window] The Dog Pit. They work as a team. If there's a discrepancy to be found on an application, the six of them will find it.
View Quote Dr. Heffner: These are the Jigsaw pieces carved from previous victims. This is the piece taken from the latest victim.
Mark Hoffman: It looks like all the rest.
Lindsey Perez: Yeah, that's what we said, too.
Dr. Heffner: The skin abrasions, they're indicative of a knife of a partially serrated edge.
Mark Hoffman: So?
Dr. Heffner: So all the other cuts were made with a near-perfect blade of surgical quality.
View Quote Jill Tuck: Game over.
Mark Hoffman: No! No, you ****ing bitch!
[Jill leaves, closing the door and pulling a trigger tab on the Reverse Beartrap that starts its 45 second timer. Struggling for a few seconds, Hoffman repeatedly slams it onto his left wrist, breaking it.]
Amanda Young: So when's your test, detective?
Mark Hoffman: I don't need one.
Amanda Young: Oh, yeah?
[Hoffman undoes his right arm restraint and, with 18 seconds left, begins trying to pry the Reverse Beartrap off with a screwdriver]
John Kramer: [Narrating] You know why you're here, don't you?
John Kramer: I want to know if you have what it takes to survive.
Autopsy Tape: You feel you now have control, don't you? You think you will walk away untested?
[With almost no time left, Hoffman jams the Reverse Beartrap in the bars of the door window just as it releases, preventing it from springing completely open, and begins trying to pull himself out]
Jill Tuck: I'm only carrying out John's final request.
John Kramer: Do you like how brutality feels, Mark?
Mark Hoffman: From now on, I control all aspects of the game.
Jill Tuck: That's not what John wanted.
John Kramer: You want a chance? I'll give you a chance.
[Hoffman slides out of the Reverse Beartrap and stumbles away from the door]
Mark Hoffman: ****!
[The Reverse Beartrap bursts out of the window and falls to the floor. Hoffman collapses and screams, revealing it has torn his right cheek open.]
View Quote Jill Tuck: I didn't expect to see you here so soon.
Mark Hoffman: Change in plans. The game begins tonight.
Jill Tuck: Why?
Mark Hoffman: Because somebody knows about the box that shouldn't.
Jill Tuck: Who?
Mark Hoffman: That's not your concern. All you need to know is that, from now on, I control all aspects of the game.
Jill Tuck: That's not what John wanted.
Mark Hoffman: Get me the envelopes. And that's not a request.
Jill Tuck: [hands him five envelopes] Here.
Mark Hoffman: That all there is?
Jill Tuck: Yes.
Mark Hoffman: From now on, I work alone.
Jill Tuck: I know. I'm only carrying out John's final request.
Mark Hoffman: Well, John's dead. And his work is almost done. [takes a photo of William from envelope 1] Who's this?
Jill Tuck: Unfinished business.
Mark Hoffman: When I'm done, we no longer speak.
View Quote John Kramer: Why'd you come?
Jill Tuck: John, please stop. Don't do this.
John Kramer: I promise you, when all this is done, I will provide a way out for you.
Jill Tuck: I wish that time was now.
John Kramer: Then I have something for you.
[John stands and gives her a key]
Jill Tuck: What's this for?
John Kramer: When the time's right, you'll know what to do with it.
View Quote Josh: Okay, listen to me, Mr. Easton! I'm on your side, and I can help you. And you cannot trust this bitch!
Shelby: What?! **** you!
Josh: She just ****ing lied!
Shelby: What?!
Josh: You cannot believe her! She has already tried to lie, and she's just gonna continue to do it!
Shelby: No!
Josh: You know it! It's me, Josh!
Shelby: What about you? He trusted me! Okay, You know that! But he'll stab your throat at the first opportunity!
[The Carousel stops on Shelby, and the shotgun begins to arm]
Shelby: Please don't let me die! Please don't!
[William looks up at Shelby, helplessly]
Shelby: No, please! Please don't!
[William presses the button, causing another rod to fire into his hand. The shotgun proceeds to rotate at a ninety-degree angle.]
Shelby: Oh God, Thank you.
Josh: ****!
[The shotgun fires into the ceiling. The carousel begins its final rotation.]
Shelby: Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!
Josh: Oh, well that's it, isn't it?! It's over! You mother****er!
Shelby: Stop it...
Josh: You spineless, pussy-whipped MOTHER****ER! That's all it takes, ain't it?! Bitch says one thing and it's all over! You know what, William?! Your policy, it's BULLSHIT! ****ing bullshit! Well, you listen to me, you son of a bitch! I did everything for you...
[The Carousel finally stops on Josh; the shotgun begins to arm]
Josh: Look at me! When you're killing me, you look at me!
View Quote Lindsey Perez: [to Hoffman] You okay?
Mark Hoffman: Huh?
Lindsey Perez: You seem a little... preoccupied.
Mark Hoffman: I'm just anxious about the tape.
Lindsey Perez: You know, there are still a couple of things I can't quite wrap my head around. Like, I don't understand Strahm's motivation. He was my partner for five years. I mean, we all knew he was a bit of a hothead, but I never saw any indication of psychotic behavior.
Mark Hoffman: You can never really tell what someone's thinking on the inside.
Lindsey Perez: It's just I never really thought of him being vengeful. You know. I mean, all the facts are there. [looks at Hoffman] Something doesn't sit right.
Dan Erickson: [to Hoffman] You know, there is an alternative. Let's say that, Strahm killed Seth Baxter specifically to set you up as an accomplice to Jigsaw.
Mark Hoffman: Okay.
Dan Erickson: Well, there's a problem with that, though. On further analysis of Strahm's fingerprints, it was found that the uric acid levels and the Eccrine gland residue were inconsistent for an individual with an active epidural metabolism.
Mark Hoffman: In other words?
Dan Erickson: In other words, when he left his fingerprints on the latest victims, Strahm was already dead!