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Luba: I didn't kill anybody if that's what you're asking.
Brit: I wasn't.
Luba: I grant building permits. And yes, some people might have been more deserving than others. But you know what? That's the business. Someone tells you different, they're just stupid. Or naive. Or both.
Mallick: Bullshit. You take bribes. You're a ****ing liar. You cheat people. That's not nice.
Luba: Yeah, well. I'm sure she's not exactly Mother Teresa either.
Brit: No, I'm not. I build condos in one of the most densely populated cities in the country. You don't put up a new building without tearing down a few old ones.
Mallick: So, we're all bags of shit that deserve to be here. That's good. That's great. ****ing great.
Brit: So is that what you think this is? You don't think there's any other connection?
Mallick: No, I do. I do. And I don't give a shit. Close the ****ing door. We have to hear the rules.
[Brit shuts the door]
Tape: Hello and welcome. You must all be eager to learn the next important lesson in your transformation. The game before you is designed to bridge the gap between you all. In order to open the five locks on the door out of this room, the five electrical circuits powering them must be closed. The only way to do this is to find a way to connect all five cords to the bath water. Close the circuits, and the door will open. But you must work quickly for in three minutes, an electrical current will surge through this room locking the door forever. Who will bridge the gap? The choice is yours.
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