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Other/Minor Characters quotes

View Quote Hiruma Gohei: Are you here to talk about swords that give life too? Kenshin: No. A sword is a weapon. No matter what pretty names you give it, swordsmanship is the way to kill. Kaoru-dono speaks as one who has never bloodied her hands in combat. She maintains a sweet naive lie. But in the face of such awful truth, the naive lie she tells is so much better. If this one had a wish, it would be that her lie would become the truth of this world.
View Quote Kenshin: [in pain] Dislocated groin! Kaoru: Dislocated brain!!!
View Quote Kenshin: Are you that bothered by your lack of power, young one? Yahiko: Damn. I want to be strong. So strong I won't need your help... Strong enough to defend my father and mother's pride on my own. Kenshin: ...Of course.
View Quote Kaoru: And you! You say you're 28?! That's a lie and you know it! Kenshin: Would "30" make you happier? Kaoru: ...No, it wouldn't... Kenshin: [exasperated] This isn't going to be easy...
View Quote Kaoru: But why do you still have your battle expression? Kenshin: Um... Well... it's a bit odd actually. You see... it's been so long since my eyes were narrowed into this "death glare" and... well... ahem My muscles are stuck.
View Quote Yahiko: Nobody likes fat girls. Kaoru: Better than a pointy-eyed midget. Yahiko: Oh yeah!? The girls love this pointy-eyed midget.
View Quote Udo Jin-e: Don't look at me like that, Battōsai. Your eyes were much better before...when you said you were going to kill me. A hitokiri is a hitokiri until death. Another hitokiri tells you this. It cannot be wrong. Keep playing at "rurouni." I'll watch you... from Hell. [Later into the chapter] Kenshin: Jin-e, are you watching from hell? Even if "hitokiri" is this one's nature, nature shall be surpressed. "Rurouni" this one shall be, until this one's very death.
View Quote Han'nya: Aoshi found this wolf -- and rescued him!! He trained me into a first-class onmitsu!! He gave me the Edo castle oniwabanshu, my comrades -- and my reason to live!! If I can be of any use to Aoshi-sama, what need have I for a face?!!!
View Quote Yukishiro Tomoe: This man stole my happiness, and gave me another in its place. He will kill more people before he's done. the end, he will protect far more than he's killed. I can't let him die here. Goodbye...the second man I have loved... You truly make blood rain...He travelled to Kyoto to impress me...because I made him think he needed to be more than he was. When he died...I knew that I lost everything I ever wanted. He was murdered because I was too foolish to understand something so simple. I hated you, so that I wouldn't turn that hatred inwards. I tried hard to hate you enough to make me take your life in revenge...but I...My heart has changed like the seasons. Just as you have changed from an assassin to a husband. Last year you caused my heart to close itself off from the world. Now it has become full with you. I tell myself I have no right to be happy with the man who killed my love...even if he is the man who taught me to love again. Kiyosato died thinking I didn't love him enough, and I won't make that mistake again. The heart can forget tragedy when it is replaced with such deep devotion. The greatest tragedy is that I cannot give these thoughts to you with my voice...I can only write them. My love for you will not be enough to change the consequences of your actions. You once destroyed my only happines...but now you've given me a new hope. I wish to save your life...and save mine as well.
View Quote Enishi Yukishiro: Suffer, Battosai. Your suffering is my only joy. There is no defense! I have no need for defense! You have already robbed me of the only thing I ever wanted to protect!
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