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View Quote Yves: (to Dirk, while holding a gun to Eva's head) I apologize, Mr. Pitt. This is not what it appears.
Dirk: (dropping his gun) Did I miss something? I've seen your toxic dump. I've seen sick Tuareg women and children and I saw the dead in Asselar. Did I leave something out?
On the Ship (Dirk and Al) Dirk: on the phone. Al: Hey buddy,um how did you tell me to do this? Somethin about a fox and a rabbit? Dirk: -sigh- Here, you chase the rabbit AROUND the tree and DOWN the hole.
View Quote Yves: This facility is a miracle of modern science. State of the art technology. Solar energy harness to destroy the world's contaminants. Not such a bad idea after all.
Eva: It's a toxic waste dump.
Yves: Not so simple. You see all new technology has enemies. Sandstorms for example, they chip away at the mirrors. Productivity falls and the waste needs to be stored underground. So we have developed a new laminate coating to protect the mirrors and with this new approach our problems should now be in the past.
Eva: You're poisoning a river system underground. It's spreading across western Africa.
Yves: You're wrong. That's impossible.
View Quote (after sliding down the hill on the truck-bed and finding the skeleton)
Dirk: (seeing the name tag on the jacket) K. Mannock... no way!
Al: Why no way ?
Dirk: Kitty Mannock. She flew from London to Cape Town in 1931. They never found her or her plane. This must be where she crashed.
Al: (pointing off) Nope. That's where she crashed.
View Quote Dirk and Al are eating in a restaurant.
Dirk: (has an idea and leaves) I'll meet you at the boat.
Al: (after Dirk has gone) No! I got the check. Don't worry about it. I'm serious. I know, i get it all the time. Sit down, I'll get the check!
View Quote (about artifacts from the ocean and Dirk) Rudi, I've been waiting two months for this moment. Don't mess it up for me by letting him drown.
View Quote (about Batine's sarcophagus) Hey Dirk, get your butt up here, so we could scrape some of the crap off this thing.
View Quote (about his tie) Hey, I cant remember how this works... something about a fox and a rabbit... its really bugging me.
View Quote (in the stolen car, being chased by a chopper) It's Kazim! Hey, maybe he wants his car back?
View Quote (laughing, to Dirk) I was thinking about the funny part. Here we are, oceanographers and we're gonna probably die in the desert, chained-chained to truck parts... So when they write our obituaries... that'll be the funny part.
View Quote (seeing the Confederate gold) Jefferson Davis had how many samples made?
View Quote (when Tuaregs surround him) Hi! How are ya?
View Quote Don't you hurt my boat.
View Quote I am so tired of being shot at!