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[Brian Gamble and Jim Street argue over the aftermath of the bank robbery that has threatened to get them dismissed from service]
Brian Gamble: Terrible day, I need a ****tail.
Jim Street: I'm staying.
Gamble: [In disbelief] You're what? After that?
Street: In time, Fuller will have some new asses to chew on, and he'll put us back on the team.
Gamble: Fuller, is a cop pincher in this department, brother and he's never gonna give us a second chance.
Street: So, what are you gonna do, piss away the hard work you did to get here?
Gamble: Piss WHAT away, Jimmy? The cage? C'mon man, we're better than that and you know it. Wanna join me? Oh, I guess that a real partner wouldn't have to ask that would he?
Street: A real partner would stood up for what he did at the bank.
Gamble: I saved that hostage.
Street: You disobeyed the hold.
Gamble: No. I saved that hostage.
Street: [shouts] You disobeyed the hold! You made that decision yourself, and you shot a hostage, Jesus Brian!
Gamble: [Shocked] Woah, you sounded a lot like Fuller. Isn't that what you were talking about in there, you rat me out, you cut a deal to get back on the team, Jim?
Street: Did I cut a deal?
Gamble: Yeah, did you?
Street: How many times have I cover up for you and all your goddamn stunts?
Gamble: [shrugs] That's what a real partner ... [picks up badge] You just picked a paycheck over me, bro. [tosses badge to Street]
Street: You just picked yourself over everything else.
Gamble: You wanna stay here, be Fuller's bitch? You go right ahead, but I can't do it, nope can't do it. Goddmanit goddamnit god-[slaps locker in anger]-damnit, Jim.
Street: We were partners for five years, and this is how you wanna end it?
Gamble: Nuh, uh. I didn't end it. You sold me out to the press.
Street: You know, I never realize until now how full of shit you are. [tosses badge back to Gamble, who comes over and grabs Street by the shirt in anger]
Gamble: **** you, and SWAT. [pushes Street back and breaks a mirror behind him]
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