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Lee quotes

View Quote Whassup, my ****?
View Quote We can hang in my crib. I will show you my 'hood
View Quote [Singing "War"] Say it again you all.
View Quote Oh, um...I'm policeman! I'm just trying to show him how to take a gun from a suspect.
View Quote (Outtakes) They must not go to bla...(Carter) You right man, let's go tell'em. (The Carter leaves)
View Quote I don't care about him. I don't care about you. I care about the little girl.
View Quote (When instructed to flash Carter's badge and photo ID to a group of gangsters) This won't work. I no 6' 1.
View Quote Freeze! LAPD! (Drops Carter's Badge)
View Quote Sang: The drop will be made tonight. The amount will be fifty million dollars.
Carter: Fifty million dollars?! Man, who do you think you got? Chelsea Clinton?
Sang: I want twenty million in fifties.
Carter: Okay, twenty million in fifties.
Sang: Twenty million in twenties.
Carter: Okay, twenty million in twenties.
Sang: And ten million in tens.
Carter: Ten million in tens. Okay. Want any fries with that?
View Quote Carter: Hey man, you seen a little Asian dude about this tall with a steering wheel on his arm?
Secret Service guy: Go screw yourself.
Carter: What did you say?
Secret Service guy: Go screw yourself.
Carter: You get your sensitive ass up there and let me in!
View Quote Lee: I am not responsible for your assumption.
Carter: You full of shit, you understand me, you full of shit.
Lee: Not being able to speak is not the same as not speaking. You seem as if you like to talk. I like to let people talk who like to talk. It makes it easier to find out how full of shit they are.
Carter: What the hell did you just say? "I let people talk, blah blah blah" so I'm the one full of shit?
Lee: We both full of shit.
Carter: You full of shit.
View Quote Lee:[Singing "War"] What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Say it again you all.
Carter: It's not "you all" its "y'all".
Lee: Yahl?
Carter: Y'all!
Lee: Yaal!
Carter: Man you sound like a karate movie. Y'all!
View Quote Cab Driver: (points a gun at Lee and Carter) Okay, who the hell are you?
Carter: Hey man look, FBI ? (shows his badge)
Lee: Oh, um...I'm policeman! I'm just showing him how to take a gun from a suspect.
View Quote [Chinese food seller handing Carter some Chinese food.]
Carter: Damn Chen, some greasy shit? You aint got no better food like some chicken wings, some baby back-ribs, some fries or something?
Chen: Chinese food! No soul food here!
Carter: I ain't say nothing about no soul food. I said ain't you got some better food? I don't want that greasy shit. How you gonna sell a big box of grease?
Chen: Fung geneo bunkwain.
Carter: I'm a chilly what?
Chen: I'm no punk bitch!
Carter: I aint no punk bitch either!
Chen: I'm no punk bitch!
View Quote [Carter and Chen board a flight to China]
Carter: Man, how long is this flight?
Chen: Fifteen hours.
Carter: Fifteen hours? What are we gonna do for fifteen hours?
[Chen shrugs, then puts on headphones]
Chen: (singing) Huh!
Carter: (Carter turns in horror)
Chen: (singing) War! Uh! Good God "yaw."
Carter: Aw, hell no! Stewardess, get me another seat! Stewardess!
View Quote Outtakes (After Tucker messed up three times after trying to say 'Thank You' in Mandrian)
Chan: (Laughing and says to the camera) See! How difficult is that!? My ENGLISH?! He even cannot say three words of Chinese! Now you know how I feel! (then laughs while showing two peace signs)
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