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Rush Hour 2

Rush Hour 2 quotes

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Chief Inspector Lee
Detective James Carter
Hu Li
Isabella Molina
Ricky Tan

Lee: I'm sorry.

Lee: Just try to blend in.
Carter: What do you mean, "blend in"? I'm two feet taller than everybody in here!

Lee: You are a civilian. In Hong Kong, I am Michael Jackson and you are Toto.
Carter: You mean Tito! Toto is what we ate last night for dinner, now give me that badge!

Versace Salesman: Hi, nice to see you. Can I help you gentlemen?
Carter Yeah. I'm gonna need black, 42-long, and nothing touches this body but pure silk. And get my partner something from the kid's department.
Versace Salesman: OK, would your partner like to be wrapped in silk too? Some people think it's tacky, but I really enjoy it when couples dress alike.
Carter: No - wait a minute - no! This aint no couples thing, man. We're police officers; we're working a very dangerous case and we need some clothes.
Lee: Yes, there are alot of men chasing us.
Versace Salesman: As well they should be. Listen, you have nothing to worry about, OK? Because I'm going to turn you two into the belle of the ball.
Lee: Thank you.
Versace Salesman: Absolutley. [to Carter] Let's start with you, shall we? You've got the mochachino face, beautiful skin, and the bring broad shoulders, OK? Let's put a dead animal on you! Croc-skin... buttercream... buttercream... croc-skin... buttercream...What size is the waist? Let's go in! [approaches Carter with open arms]
Carter: Hey! Watch it, sweetness!
Versace Salesman: He's got some fire to him!
Carter: Honeycups!
Versace Salesman: I like that!
Carter: Go get the clothes! Hurry up!
Versace Salesman: I'll go pull some items. Oh, Jesus! Lil' Kim! I'll be back.

[After a ping tao grenade Lee spits out blows up]
Carter: Why the HELL didn't you tell me you had a bomb in your mouth?!
Lee: I did!
Carter: No! You didn't!
Lee: I said, "Mmm!"
Carter: What the hell is "Mmm"?
Lee: Mmm, boom!

[After kicking Ricky Tan out of the window]
Carter: Damn! Good kick, Lee.
Lee: It was an accident.
Carter: Aw, well, we'll just say he tried to catch a cab.

[During a fight scene with Ricky Tan's Chinese thugs]
Carter: [after accidentally punching Lee] Sorry, man!
Lee: [Holds nose painfully] Carter!
Carter: Ah y'all look alike!

[During the bloopers]
Tucker: You sly devil, you. She kissed you, didn't she- [Cell phone rings] Ahh!
Chan: Who's calling?
Tucker: Hello? [Rings still, Tucker presses talk button again]
Chan: Say hello to your father!
Tucker: Hello? .... I'm filming man.... Call me back!
Chan: [Surprised and a little mad]
Tucker:[On phone] I'm filming, I'm looking at Jackie Chan dead in his eye! Call me back at seven o'clock! Call me back!
Chan: Are you a professional? we are filming and you turn on your phone!?
Tucker: [Still on phone] No, you can't speak to Jackie Chan! [Extras and crew laugh in background]
Tucker: Look just...[Hands Jackie phone embarrassingly]) I'm sorry man.
Chan: Hello? We are filming right now! [Background laughter rises, Tucker apologizes continuously].... You sorry! .... You waste our film!
Tucker: [Takes phone back] Call me tonight, seven o'clock! [Shuts phone off and walks off camera; Jackie looks at the camera shaking his head]
Director: [Laughing with others] CUT!

[During the credit bloopers after Jackie kicks Ricky out the window]
Carter: Damn! He ain't going to be in Rush Hour 3!

[In the penthouse, Lee has a gun pointed at Ricky Tan's Head]
Ricky Tan: Would you like me to tell you how your father died? [Lee ****s the gun]
Carter: Whoa, now, Lee. He ain't worth it man. He tryin' to mess with you. Don't do it.
Ricky Tan: He never begged for his life, or tried to make a deal.
Carter: Put the gun down.
Ricky Tan: All he asked for, seconds before I pulled the trigger, was that I promised not to kill you. Oh, it was so pathetic.
Carter Aw, hell no, he done gone too far. You better shoot his ass, Lee, shoot his ASS!
Ricky Tan: What are you going to do, Lee? [Lee's face is showing hesitation]
Carter: All you gotta do is pull that trigger back and BAM!!!
Ricky Tan: Are you going to spend the rest of your life hiding like your father?
Carter: Don't let him talk about your daddy like that! Shoot him, Lee!
Ricky Tan: You can't do it, can you?
Carter: Oh, yes the hell he can! Ain't nobody up here but us!
Ricky Tan: GO ON!
Carter: If you ain't gonna shoot him, kung-fu his ass or somethin'!

[Lee holds up an employee of Ricky Tan and questions him]
Lee: Ricky Tan, where is he!?
Employee: I don't know!
Lee: He killed a detective today! Now where is he!?
Carter: Who died man?
Lee: [Turns and is shocked] Carter!
Carter: Who died Lee?
Lee: YOU!
Carter: Detective Yu?
Lee: Not Yu, you!
Carter: Who?
Lee: You!
Carter: Who?
Lee: Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth!?
Carter: Naw don't nobody understand the words that are comin' out of your mouth!

[After Carter seemingly dies in an explosion] All he wanted was some Mushu.

[After Carter throws Lee's CD out the window] That was my CD! Don't you ever touch a Chinese man's CD!

[In bloopers] You're wasting the film.

[In Cantonese] Sorry, my friend is druken and gone mad.