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Travis: Let me get this straight - you never use guns?
Beck: No.
Travis: Never.
Beck: Never.
Travis: What if your best friend was gonna die, you wouldn't pick up a gun?
Beck: No guns.
Travis: Santa Claus would pick up a gun to save his best friend.
Beck: Do I look like Santa Claus? Do I look like Santa Claus to you? I pick up a gun, bad things happen to people. I don't like that.
Travis: What kind of things?
Beck: Very bad things, Travis. [points behind Travis] Move.
Travis: [starts to walk, then pauses] What about knives? [Beck gives him a shove to get him moving] You know, my father doesn't share the same distaste for guns you do.
Beck: He's your father; he's not gonna kill you.
Travis: The only thing Billy Walker cares about is what's good for business. Now, the question is, Mr. Beck: What's good for your business?
Beck: [stops and looks at Travis] I don't make deals with men like you.
Travis: You don't even know me.
Beck: You're just like every other jackass I've taken down. First they try to run, then they try to fight, then they try to negotiate. And when that doesn't work, they do the same thing you're about to do when you realize it's over.
Travis: [unimpressed] What's that?
Beck: You're gonna get down on your hands and knees, and you're gonna beg me for a break. Well, guess what? I don't give breaks. No breaks.
Travis: You don't understand the situation.
Beck: You shot the wrong guy. You borrowed money from the wrong guy. You slept with the wrong guy's wife. I. Don't. Care. Your mistake.
Travis: What about you, Mr. Beck? Haven't you ever made a mistake? [Beck pauses, then points again] I know. Move. [continues walking] No breaks. That's just lame. [mocking Beck] "Noo breaks. Oh, I don't give breaks. Santa Claus doesn't give any breaks!"

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