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[Rocky recovers from his dizzy spell after Tommy drives off with George Washington Duke in tow]
Adrian: Come on. It's not worth it.
Rocky: Adrian, it is worth it. The kid's confused.
Adrian: You don't see what's happening.
Rocky: Yeah, I do see! He's twisted around by Duke.
Adrian: Come on, it's you. It's not him. You can't live backwards or turn back the clocks. We live now. We live here.
Rocky: Hey, I know where we live! Do you think I'm stupid? I'm not as dumb as you think I am! I look. You don't think I can smell it? I see where we are! I don't want this no more! I want something good for the family, not this! I don't want this! Did I come back here and get my brains beat out for guys to say: "There goes Balboa, just another bum in the neighborhood"? I didn't want this!
Adrian: No! Come on, nobody says that.
Rocky: I'm sayin' it, Adrian. I'm sayin' this! I'm sayin' this. When that kid was in the ring, you know what I was doin'? I was winnin'.
Adrian: You were winning?
Rocky: Yeah, it was. It was my last chance at gettin' some respect for us.
Adrian: Come on. I respect you!
Rocky: You can't respect me.
Adrian: Yes, I do.
Rocky: No, you can't!
Adrian: I do! All those beatings you took in the ring, I took them with you! I know how you feel. I know when somebody like Tommy comes along, you feel alive, but he's not you, he doesn't have your heart! All those fighters you beat, you beat 'em with heart, not muscle. That's what Mickey knew. That's why you and Mickey were special. But Mickey's dead! If there's something you wanna pass on, pass it on to your son! For God's sakes, your son is lost! He needs you! I know Tommy makes you feel great. He makes you feel like you're winning again, but you're losing us! Rocky, you're losing your family!
Rocky: [embraces Adrian] I'm sorry. You know, it was always you and me. It was always you and me. I'm sorry, Adrian.

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