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[at the statue unveiling, Rocky is considering retirement and the crowd is against it; Clubber Lang appears in the crowd]
Clubber: Gettin' out while you can?! Don't give this sucker no statue. Give him guts! I told you I wasn't goin' away. You got your shot. Now, give me mine.
Mickey: Why don't you get the hell outta there?
Clubber: Shut up, old man! I ain't goin' nowhere. And why don't you tell all these nice folks why you been duckin' me? Politics, man! This country wants to keep me down. Keep everybody weak. They don't want a man like me to have the title, because I'm not a puppet like that fool up there.
Rocky: You know, you've got a big mouth. Y'know?
Clubber: Why don't you come down here and close it, Balboa? C'mon! C'mon!
Rocky: Anytime.
Mickey: This guy's crazy. Don't listen to him.
Clubber: The little man don't wanna come to me, then I'll come to you people and lay out the truth. I am ranked #1. 1! That means I'm the best. But this bum been takin' the easy matches. Fightin' other bums. I'm telling you and everybody here. I'll fight him anywhere, anytime, for nothin'! [crowd shouts] But you people ain't never gonna see that happen, because he's gonna retire. You see, he don't fight no real man. He fight them setups.
Rocky: What?
Mickey: You're a disgrace to this sport!
Clubber: Shut up, old man! You and that chump don't know what I had to come from! Balboa, your family doin' real nice, ain't it? You call yourself a fighter? Prove it now. Gimme that same chance! The way you been duckin' is a disgrace. If he ain't no coward, why don't he fight me, then?
Rocky: I can't listen to anymore of this. Hey, anytime you--
Mickey: I don't care what you're ranked! You don't get no shot and I mean that!
Clubber: I'm glad you people are seein' this here.
Rocky: What are you doin'? I wanna fight this guy.
Mickey: Well, you got him. But you'll fight him without me.
Rocky: What are you saying?
Mickey: It's finished. Yes. I'm finished. I don't want no more of this. I don't want no more of it! You understand? None of it! It's over with! [exits through the crowd]
Clubber: Judge me by my fight record. [to Adrian] Hey, woman! Hey, woman! Listen here. Since your ol' man here ain't got no heart, maybe you like to see a real man. I bet you stay up late at night dreamin' you had a real man, don't ya? I tell you what? Bring your pretty, little self over to my apartment tonight, and I'll show you a real man.
Rocky: [furiously] YOU WANT IT, YOU GOT IT!

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