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Lenny Cole quotes

View Quote Oh bollocks. There is no school like the old school, and I'm the ****ing headmaster!
View Quote Right, let me tell you how this works. You're going in the drink, and I'm going to have a cup of tea. Beneath your feet is the famous river Thames. I just hope for your sakes you can hold your breath for as long as it takes my kettle to boil. After that, I'm gonna ask you a question, just one question. You're gonna give me a name. And if it's the right name, I'm gonna send you home warm and dry in a fresh set of clothes. If it's the wrong name, you'll be fed to the crayfish. They're American, these crayfish. Big, hungry bas****. And like most things American, they've eaten the natives...but they've still got room for more.
View Quote And I shed a tear. I shed a tear for all those bone-tops that read the papers and believe that shit. But did you see his body? Did you see him smacked-up and cracked-up with his tongue on his chin and his **** in his hand, swinging from the rafters like a real RocknRolla? No, you didn't, did you? And nobody else ****ing did either, did they? Because he ain't dead. He's alive, alive-o somewhere selling ****les and mussels and a very important painting that doesn't belong to him.
View Quote Now, listen to me, boy. Listen. I never did like you, neither did your real dad. You're a reject, a wrong and a ****in' fairy in the mirror that I inherited from your mom. But she ain't with us no more, so now it's just you and me. In one week you're going back to school. The most expensive ****in' school in the country, I might add. Then you'll be gone for another term. In the meantime, show some gratitude and keep the ****in' music down!!
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