N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z #

[Hob and Angie are arguing about whether to save Cain from the hospital]
Angie: What the hell are you talking about? It's like you don't even care!
Hob: Just do what I say, Angie!
Angie: He'd want us to come for him!
Hob: Look, just forget about it! It's not going to happen! I'm through arguing with you!
Angie: I'm not asking your permission! Cain is in the hospital, and we're getting him! [She tries to start the car but Hob snatches the keys from her]
Hob: You've really thought this out, haven't you?! What about the COPS?!
Angie: [Desperate] We've got guns! Damn it, Hob, Cain needs us!
Hob: **** CAIN!
Angie: [Pause; appalled] He'd kill you if he heard you say that.
Hob: He's not going to kill anybody. You heard the news. Shit, he's probably dead already!
Angie: You just shut the hell up!
Hob: [He threateningly holds out a box of Nuke out the window, preparing to throw it away] You mouth off like that again, and it's no more Nuke for you, bitch.
Angie: [Softens down] Damn it, Hob, you know that's not fair. Now, come on. It's been a bad time.
Hob: [Takes a Nuke syringe out of the box] Sure has. You're really hurting.
Angie: Yeah, so I'm hurting.
Hob: You're going to get the shakes soon, Angie. You got it bad.
Angie: You little bastard! [Takes the syringe and plants it in her neck]
Hob: You just do what I tell you from now on, Angie. [Hands her the keys] Start the motor and drive.
Angie: [Crying in agony] He'll kill you. He'll kill us both!
Hob: [With firm finality] **** him.

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