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[Officer Duffy has been tied on a hospital gurney and taken to a room where Cain, Hob and Angie are waiting]
Officer Duffy: Hey, Cain! Hey, it's good to see you. Thanks for getting me out. [Struggles to move] I can't get up.
Hob: [Smugly] You noticed that one.
Officer Duffy: [Nervously] Cain, I don't know what that kid told you...
Angie: You told them, Duffy. You told them where we were.
Officer Duffy: [Quickly] NO, THAT'S NOT TRUE!
Hob: We know all about it, Duffy.
Angie: You think you're the only cop we have?
[A surgeon walks in with a tray carrying surgical tools]
Officer Duffy: [Frightened] OH, SHIT!!! Cain. Cain, come on. Man, I'm begging you, man! Look, I'll do anything! [Tries to laugh it off] Okay. You're kidding, right? Yeah, you're just kidding. You scaring me. You taught me a lesson, man. I'd never **** with you, because I really love you guys. Really! I really do!
Hob: Shut up!
Officer Duffy: I've been loyal. I know shit that I still haven't even told you, Cain!
Angie: You deserve this, Duffy! Cain might've been killed!
Officer Duffy: Okay, okay.
Surgeon: [To Cain] You know, maybe you ought to have the kid leave. [Duffy, worried, glances at the surgeon then to Cain]
Cain: [Flatly] Why?? [The surgeon shrugs]
Officer Duffy: What do you mean, "have the kid leave"? [Tries to laugh it off] That's a good touch. That's a good touch. "Have the kid leave." That's good. [Mockingly] "Have the kid leave." "Why?" [Cain glares down at him, while Angie's smile fades into a worried pout] Come on. It's over. [The Surgeon takes a scalpel and prepares to cut open his chest] Come on, Cain! Come on, man. What are you doing? COME ON!!!
[The surgeon begins carving Duffy's chest while a terrified Hob looks away]
Angie: [Gasps in terror] You said you were just gonna scare him!
Cain: [Flatly] Doesn't he look scared? [He grabs Hob's head and forces him to watch]

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