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Robin Hood (1973)

Robin Hood (1973) quotes

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View Quote Alan A'Dale: [opening lines] Y'know, there's been a heap o' legends and tall tales about Robin Hood. All different too. Well, we folks in the animal kingdom have our own version. It's the story of what really happened in Sherwood Forest...
View Quote Friar Tuck: Oh, for heaven's sake, son! You're no outlaw! Why, some day you'll be called a great hero!
Robin Hood: A hero? You hear that, Johnny? We've just been pardoned!
Little John: That's a gas, we ain't even been arrested yet!
View Quote Hiss: And you...who might you be, sssir?
Little John: I am Sir Reginald, Duke of Chutney. [stuffs Hiss' hat over his mouth] And don't stick your tongue out at me, kid. [to the prince] And now, your mightiness, allow me to lay some protocol on you. [stoops to kiss Prince John's hand]
Prince John: No, no, no, forgive me, but I lose more jewels that way. Please sit down.
Little John: [sits on Hiss] Thanks, PJ, you can't get a better seat than this, the royal box...hey...what...who? [Pulling out Hiss] Oh, uh, excuse me, Buster.
Hiss: Buster?! You, sir, have taken my seat!
Prince John: [laughs] Hiss, with you around, who needs a court jester?
View Quote Hiss: Sssire...taxes are pouring in, the jails are full, and - OH! I have good news, sire... Friar Tuck is in jail!
Prince John: [throwing money everywhere] FRIAR TUCK?! It's ROBIN HOOD I want, you idiot! Oh, I would give all my gold if I could just get my hands on that - [pauses, turning to Hiss] Did you say Friar Tuck?
Hiss: Did I? Y-y-yes, I did.
Prince John: Ah. Hiss - I have it. I'll use that fat friar as bait to trap Robin Hood!
View Quote Lady Cluck: Down with that scurrrrvy Prince John!
Little John: Yeah!!! [sings] Oh, the world will sing
Of an English king
A thousand years from now,
And not because
He passed some laws
Or had that lofty brow.
While bonny good King Richard leads the great crusade he's on,
We'll all have to slave away for that good-for-nothing John!
Incredible as he is inept,
Whenever the history books are kept
They'll call him the Phony King of England!
Friar Tuck: A pox on the Phony King of England!
Little John: He stands alone
On a giant throne,
Pretending he's the King.
A little tyke
Who's rather like
A puppet on a string!
And he throws an angry tantrum if he cannot have his way,
And then he calls for Mom,
While he's sucking his thumb
You see, he doesn't wanna play.
Too late to be known as John the First,
He's sure to be known as John the Worst.
A pox on that Phony King of England!
View Quote Little John: While he taxes us to pieces and he robs us of our bread
King Richard's crown
Keeps slipping down
Around that pointed head
Ah, but while there is a merry man in Robin's wily pack
We'll find a way
To make him pay
And steal our money back.
A minute before he knows we're there,
Old Rob'll snatch his underwear...
View Quote Little John: Aw, how about that for luck? It's only a circus! A peanut operation!
Robin Hood: Peanuts? Why, you dunce, that's the royal coach! It's Prince John himself!
Little John: The prince? Wait a minute, there's a law against robbing royalty. I'll catch you later.
Robin Hood: What? And miss this chance to perform before royalty?
Little John: [groan] Well - here we go again...
View Quote Little John: You heard his mightiness! Move it, Creepy, get lost. Begone, long one.
Hiss: What cheek. Creepy, Buster, Long One? Who does that dopey duke think he is?
View Quote Mother Rabbit: Oh, you have made his birthday a wonderful one. How can I ever thank you?
Robin Hood: I only wish I could do more. [hands her a small bag of gold] Here. And keep your chin up. Soon there'll be happiness in Nottingham again, you'll see.
View Quote Prince John: One more hiss out of you, eh, er, uh, Hiss, and you are walking to Nottingham.
Hiss: [mutters] Snakes don't walk, they slither. Hmph. So there.
View Quote Robin Hood: [dressed as gypsy] Oo-de-lally! Oo-de-lally! Fortune tellers!
Little John: [also dressed as gypsy] Fortunes forecast, lucky charms!
Robin Hood: Catch the dope, with your horoscope!
Prince John: Fortune tellers, how droll. Stop the coach!
Hiss: Sssire, sire, they may be bandits.
Prince John: Oh, poppy****! Female bandits? What next...rubbish... [to Robin Hood and Little John] My dear ladies, you have my permission to kiss the royal hands, whichever you like... first.
Robin Hood: Oh, how gracious - [kisses hand and removes large ring] - and generous.
View Quote Robin Hood: And for our honeymoon? England?
Maid Marian: Yes!
Robin Hood: Normandy?
Maid Marian: Yes!
Robin Hood: Sunny Spain?
Maid Marian: Oh, why not?
View Quote [Prince John raises his mirror to hit Hiss on the head]
Hiss: Ah, ah, ah! 7 years bad...[the prince hits him, smashing the mirror] Luck. That's what it is. Besides, you broke your mother's mirror.
Prince John: [screams] Mummy! [sucks thumb] I've got a dirty thumb.
View Quote [the Sheriff of Nottingham has just taken the only coin out of the church's Poor Box]
Friar Tuck: Now, just a minute, Sheriff! Th-th-th-that's the Poor Box!
Sheriff: It sure is, and I'll take it for poor Prince John. [chuckles] Every little bit helps.
Female Church Mouse: Ooh, you put that back!
Sheriff: And His Majesty also blesses you, little sister.
Friar Tuck: You thieving scoundrel!
Sheriff: [reasonably] Now, take it easy, Friar, I'm just doing my duty.
Friar Tuck: Collecting taxes for that arrogant, greedy, ruthless, no-good Prince John?!
Sheriff: [starting to lose patience] Listen, Friar, you're mighty preachy and you're gonna preach your neck right into a hangman's noose.
Friar Tuck: GET OUTTA MY CHURCH!! [pushes the Sheriff out] Out! Out! Out! Out! [Attacking the Sheriff with a stick] You want taxes? I'll give you taxes!
Male Church Mouse: Give it to him! Give it to him, Friar!
[Trigger blinds Friar Tuck with the hood of his coat and the Sheriff puts his head in a shackle]
Sheriff: You're under arrest for high treason to the crown!