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View Quote I get more peace in the God-damned ape house.
View Quote I love chimpanzees. I'm also afraid of them. And, it's appropriate to be afraid of them.
View Quote It's a madhouse!
View Quote It's okay. He didn't mean it.
View Quote My father's immune system continues to reject the 112 virus, rendering the gene therapy obsolete. His health is deteriorating, and the disease is progressing rapidly. I need a more aggressive virus strain, a faster delivery method, because at this rate...I can't lose them both. I won't lose them both.
View Quote Oh, he's a smart one, isn't he?
View Quote Right away, Caesar displayed signs of intelligence heightened intelligence, so I kept him and brought my work home. By 18 months, Caesar was signing up to 24 words. By age two, Caesar completing puzzles and models designed for children eight years and up. At age three, Caesar continues to show cognative skills that far exceed that of his human counterpart. He completed the Lucas Tower in 15 moves, a perfect score. I maintain my hypothesis that A. the green in his eyes indicates that the ALZ-112 was passed genetically from mother to son and B., that in the absence of damaged cells that need replacing, the drug in his system has radically boosted healthy brain functioning.
View Quote Sometimes, the new kid on the block gets picked on.
View Quote Well, I can't say that I approve. They're not people, you know.
View Quote You make history, I make money.
View Quote You think that's funny, huh? [...] You'll learn who's boss, soon enough.
View Quote You're trying to control things that are not meant to be controlled.