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Ripley's Game

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Tom Ripley

View Quote Jonathan Trevanny: Are we going to get away with it?
Tom Ripley: Why not?
Jonathan Trevanny: I've just never been the sort of person to get away with things. At school, other kids got away with all sorts. But not me. I always got caught.
Tom Ripley: You know why you got caught?
Jonathan Trevanny: Why?
Tom Ripley: Because you didn't think of just killing your teachers.
View Quote Jonathan Trevanny: Are you scared?
Tom Ripley: No. [pause, still calmly] I am ****ing terrified.
View Quote Jonathan Trevanny: Jesus, this waiting! I can't stand this waiting.
Tom Ripley: When I was a little boy, I waited on the beach for hours for my parents to come back from a boat ride. They drowned. [pause] I waited forever.
View Quote Jonathan Trevanny: One of them's still alive.
Tom Ripley: How do you know?
Jonathan Trevanny: Well, I heard it on the world news.
Tom Ripley: Jesus. I always figured you for a talk radio man. Okay, well, I guess I didn't strangle him long enough. It's not like a garrote comes with a manual.
Jonathan Trevanny: Ah, one of them got a very, very good look at me.
Tom Ripley: Jonathan, that's the first rule of the game. Don't ever worry about anything you can't control, ever. Anyway, I don't think they can trace us here and if they get close, I'll let you know.
Jonathan Trevanny: What about my family? I'm just worried about my family.
Tom Ripley: Well, don't worry. If they come for anyone, they'll come for me. I think these Balkan types tend to take strangling quite personally.
View Quote Luisa Harari: [about Jonathan] He's got leukaemia.
Tom Ripley: Is drunken pomposity a symptom?
Luisa Harari: No. He's just English.
View Quote Sarah Trevanny: I don't know how much you...
Tom Ripley: How much I...drink? Bathe? Work out?
Sarah Trevanny: How much you know about Jonathan's condition.
Tom Ripley: Nothing. I'm an innocent.
Sarah Trevanny: Jonathan has chronic myeloid leukemia.
Tom Ripley: [ingenuously] My God, you're kidding! I'm so sorry.
Sarah Trevanny: Thank you. So, this opportunity came up for him to get a second opinion at this research foundation. [quietly] He doesn't talk about it much, but I know he's angry. He's angry because... he'll probably die soon, while the rest of us go on living. And he's angry to be so young. And he's angry that he might not see Matthew grow up.
Tom Ripley: And what about you? Are you angry?
Sarah Trevanny: [sadly] Sometimes. I love him completely, but... I feel there's a part of me that will be glad when it's all over...and that's a terrible thing to say.
Tom Ripley: I don't think you could say anything that terrible, or think it. I don't think what you're feeling is terrible at all. I think Jonathan is very, very fortunate to have someone like you, and I imagine he knows it.
View Quote Tom Ripley: Do you the interesting thing about doing something terrible?
Jonathan Trevanny: What?
Tom Ripley: Often, after a few days, you can't even remember it.
View Quote Tom Ripley: You're not planning on singing me through the door, are you?
Reeves: I've got the Carregio in here.
Tom Ripley: Well, you're not coming in.
Reeves: I'm ****ing coming in.
Tom Ripley: No, because it's not a Carr-egg-io, it's a Correggio. Just like it's not tacco but ta-a-cco. Not pasto but pasta, see? Your entire education comes from classic car magazines and you dress like you're on a condom run for the mob. By the way, it isn't a Correggio, it's a fake Rembrandt, and until you know that, you're not coming in with me.
Reeves: Don't **** me over here, prat!
Tom Ripley: Don't threaten me. I'm not the one wearing an earring.
View Quote [Ripley has just helped Jonathan kill three mobsters]
Jonathan Trevanny: [crying] I know I should thank you, because I wouldn't be alive now if you hadn't helped me.... but I can't. I can't say thank you. I don't know anything about you. Who are you?
Tom Ripley: I'm a creation. A gifted improviser. I lack your conscience and, when I was young, that troubled me. It no longer does. I don't worry about being caught because I don't think anyone is watching. The world is not a poorer place because those people are dead — it's not. It's one less car on the road, a little less noise and menace. You were brave today. You'll go home and put some money away for your family. That's all.
Jonathan Trevanny: If you "lack my conscience," then why did you help me on the train?
Tom Ripley: [smiles] I don't know, but it doesn't surprise me. If there's one thing I know, it's that we're constantly being born.
Jonathan Trevanny: But why me? Why did you pick me?
Tom Ripley: Partly because you could. Partly because you insulted me. But mostly because that's the game. [checks watch] We need to catch this flight. Shall we?
View Quote [Ripley overhears Jonathan insulting him]
Jonathan Trevanny: [embarrassed] Oh, hi. You're here, then. Excellent. We were hoping you'd come.
Tom Ripley: [icy] Why?
Jonathan Trevanny: Well, to... to add spice to the evening.
Tom Ripley: Meaning?
Jonathan Trevanny: You're a bit of a local personality.
Tom Ripley: Meaning?
Jonathan Trevanny: People have heard about you.
Tom Ripley: Meaning?
Jonathan Trevanny: Nothing. Just... nothing.
View Quote Hold my watch, because if it breaks, I'll kill everyone on this train.
View Quote I want you to call the man who sent you here. I want you to tell him you got a very long look at the two of us, we were definitely not the people on the train. Do you understand? If you do that, you do it convincingly, you walk out of here, we give you half a million dollars, okay? If you don't do it convincingly, I take you out back, and I run my ****ing tractor over your head the rest of the day. Okay?