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Riding the Bus with My Sister

Riding the Bus with My Sister quotes

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View Quote Angry Neighbor: Who do you think you are some kind of hippopotamus? The way you clump down the stairs every morning, Some people are trying to sleep.
Beth: Not you. You're not sleeping you're complaining...(Walking away) You're the hippopotamus!
View Quote Beth: (Her Tweety Bird t-shirt is inside-out so she fixes her shirt saying:)Excellent...There you are.
Beth: (Yelling to Jesse) Jesse! You need to take me to get a new toilet seat cause mine got brokedt.
View Quote Beth: (Running to the bus, while cutting in-front of one of the passengers getting on to the bus) I'm First!
Passenger: Who's racing?
Beth: Haha! You're second.
View Quote Beth: (To her reflection in the mirror) Good Morning!...I hope you have a nice day.
View Quote Beth: Hey I got you a Christmas present right here. You can open it if you want to.
Rachael: Thank you.
Beth: Your welcome.
Rachael: Wow, cute.
Beth: You like it, Olivia said it was practical.
Rachael: Speaking of practical did you get the sweater I sent you?
Beth: Yeah, I gave it away.
Rachael: What?
Beth: Yeah...
Rachael: That was a very nice sweater, it was expensive.
Beth: I didn't like it. I'm fussy.
Rachael: (Rachael walks over to Beth's stove) You know you can't leave stuff on the stove like this. It's dangerous. You can start a fire.
Beth: Right the stove don't work.
Rachael: How are we going to cook the food?
Beth: I told you I wouldn't cook it.
View Quote Beth: I like the fishies one. So which one do you like Jesse?
Jesse: Um...I like this's soft
Beth: Oh no Jesse! That one's ugly. No one is going to want to sit on that. You know me I'm fussy. (yelling) Hello? Hello? Can we have some assistance on toilet seats, Hello? Toilet seats assistance, Row number one Thank You!...(Walking away) Who runs this joint anyway?
View Quote Beth: Oh no! Rachel why did you get a black car Rachael? Why did you get a black car?
Beth: (Beth trying to get into Rachael's locked car) Just wait Beth.
Beth: It's locked. Black cars are ugly.
Rachael: Wait!Can't you hear me?!
Beth: Yeah I heard you. Yeah I don't think black car are good. I like a blue car or a green car like Rick has.
Rachael: Who's Rick?
Beth: Rick is a bus driver. You met him at Daddy's funeral.
Rachael: I don't remember him. How long were you waiting outside?
Beth: Um...2 hours.
Rachael: Why didn't you wait inside?
Beth: (Pauses to think of a response) couldn't see me in there.
Rachael: I have your address. Honestly Beth you make thinks hard on yourself.
Beth: Buckle up for safety (then they drive off in the car)
View Quote Beth: Rachael, I never knew that "vegitbles" were so heavy. These bags are heavier than my normal food shopping. Are you sure you don't want a doughnut?
Rachael: I don't want a doughnut.
Beth: (goes to open her door) I left the door opened, that was a mistake.
Beth: Well do you like it do you like my place?
Rachael: Yeah it's homey.
Beth: You see this, this was daddy's chair. Remember the time when I was brushing his hair and I put a ribbon in it and he didn't even know,oh that was a good one.
View Quote Beth: Super Save is having a sale on soda.(Pause) 24 cans of soda for six bucks, you gotta take me.
Rachael: (Angrily) So that's way you want me to stay?
Beth: Well it's hard to carry that much soda cans on a bus
Rachael: (Angrily)Fine I'll take you in the morning.
View Quote Pradlip: You know Beth, you're first on my bus every morning.
Beth: Yeah
Pradlip: So where is Beth off to today?
Beth: Jesse is taking me to get a new toilet seat, mine other one got brokedt. I was sliding, I almost fell off of it like a whoa!
View Quote Rachael: Ok I want you to put the cart away.
Beth: Dad does it.
Rachael: Well dad's not here.
Beth: Yeah well, I'm too tired.
Rachael: Someone can hit it. Someone can get hurt.
Beth: I don't care.
Rachael: You don't care if someone get hurt?!
Beth: Well...I don't know who someone is so, no. (eats a red fishy smugly)
Rachael: I know why dad called you the sheriff.
Beth: Cause I always get what I want. Haha.
(While Rachael is putting the cart away Beth is putting some of her red fishy candies into her can of soda) Beth: Hey Rachael! I put seven red fishies inside of this can, do you think they can swim in cola?
Rachael: (scoffs angrily)
Beth: I sure hope so. I would hate to drown 'em.
View Quote Rachael: You eating all of this junk food is making you fat.
Beth: So?
Rachael: I'm worried about you. Your heath. We're going to get you brown rice and vegetables, and I'm going to teach you how to cook.
Beth: I won't cook it.
Rachael: Of course you will.
Beth: No I won't.
View Quote Rick: Aww thanks Beth, you're my savior.
Beth: I'm not a savior, I'm just Beth.