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Return to the Blue Lagoon

Return to the Blue Lagoon quotes

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View Quote Captain Jacob Hilliard: Keep them in your sights. They may not be civilized.
Richard Lestrange: Civilized. C-I-V-I-L-I-Z-I-D.
Lilli Hargrave: Remember what mother said about a good, firm handshake.
Richard Lestrange: My name is Richard. We've been waiting for you for a long time.
Lilli Hargrave: I'm Lilli, and I'm ready for you to take us back to civilization.
Captain Jacob Hillard: [confused] I'm Captain Jacob Hilliard, master of the Tradewind, and... Is this your land?
Richard Lestrange: Yes, my house is there.
Captain Jacob Hillard: Well, we're in need of fresh water. Our casks are fouled. [slowly] Will you grant us permission to come ashore?
Richard Lestrange: [slowly] Yes, you are welcome here.
View Quote Captain Jacob Hilliard: We appreciate your hospitality and hope that you'll offer us the opportunity to repay you.
Richard Lestrange: You can. You can take us with you back to civilization.
Sylvia Hilliard: I should think it must be ever so boring here.
Richard Lestrange: What is the meaning of boring?
Sylvia Hilliard: Well boring's when... You have nothing whatever to do. So you're bored, like you must be here.
Richard Lestrange: [suggestively] No. We're never bored!
[Richard and Lilli grin at each other]
View Quote Lilli Hargrave: I always weather a storm well. I get that from mother.
Richard Lestrange: Yes, you do. Captain Hilliard says he wants to set sail at dawn.
Lilli Hargrave: I guess that means Captain Hilliard's daughter wants to set sail at dawn.
Richard Lestrange: I don't care what she wants. I don't care about her at all, I know that now, Lilli. Do you understand? You're the most important thing in the whole world to me.
Lilli Hargrave: Well you can set sail at dawn... But we're not going.
View Quote Lilli Hargrave: I'm gonna keep this forever.
Richard Lestrange: What's that?
Lilli Hargrave: My prize. The white bead. I think... It looks nice in my hair. Do you?
Richard Lestrange: I don't care what you do with it, or how you wear it. You can hang it from you nose for all I care.
View Quote Lilli Hargrave: Look over there!
Richard Lestrange: Lilli, hurry! The signal fire!
Lilli Hargrave: Richard, what if they're heathens? I'm frightened!
Richard Lestrange: Well maybe we shouldn't light the signal fire! Let's see who they are first! There's eight people. The one in the light covering may be a woman.
Lilli Hargrave: [excitedly] There's a woman?
View Quote Lilli Hargrave: Mother died six years ago.
Captain Jacob Hilliard: How do you follow the years?
Richard Lestrange: She taught us. We count the moons, we know that twelve full moons are one year.
Lilli Hargrave: We have Christmas and Thanksgiving, and Easter, although we're not exactly sure we celebrate them on the right days.
Captain Jacob Hilliard: It's utterly amazing, the two of you all these years on this remote, Godforsaken place.
Lilli Hargrave: [seriously] Not Godforsaken, Captain Hilliard. Not Godforsaken at all.
View Quote Lilli Hargrave: There's a baby growing inside me.
Richard Lestrange: Lilli!... How do you know?
Lilli Hargrave: A woman knows these things, that's how.
[Richard smiles excitedly at her]
Lilli Hargrave: I won't let it be born in civilization. I want it to be born right here. Where there's no evil, and no lies, and no guns.
Richard Lestrange: You're right. We'll stay here. Just the three of us. I love you, Lilli.
[Lilli smiles breezily at him]
View Quote Lilli Hargrave: You lied to me.
Richard Lestrange: When did I lie to you?
Lilli Hargrave: You promised me, that you'd never hurt me.
Richard Lestrange: [concerned] And when did I hurt you?
Lilli Hargrave: Everytime you look at her, you hurt me.
Richard Lestrange: Well, I'm sorry. It's just that she's so different.
Lilli Hargrave: In what way?
Richard Lestrange: Well, look at her. The way she's all covered up.
Lilli Hargrave: [harshly] But you said you found all those clothes stupid and unnecessary!
Richard Lestrange: I do. It's just that... I wonder what she looks like underneath all of them.
Lilli Hargrave: You mean, you want to look at her, because you can't see her?
Richard Lestrange: Yes. You remember when I wanted to go to the north side of the island, just because I couldn't?
Lilli Hargrave: [glaring at him] Yes I do. [harshly] And I also remember what almost happened to you when you did go!
View Quote Richard Lestrange: I feel like crying.
Lilli Hargrave: So do I.
Richard Lestrange: I want us to be husband and wife.
Lilli Hargrave: Yes. Always.
[They kiss passionately]
View Quote Richard Lestrange: The first time, he almost got me. But I was too fast for him. This time, he was lying in wait, so I dive in! And I can see down his mouth, there's about five hundred teeth with stripy little fish all around his gills, and he comes at me! He misses me, stupid sea slug!
Lilli Hargrave: Seems silly to me.
Richard Lestrange: Silly?! It's not silly, it's dangerous.
Lilli Hargrave: Exactly, that's why it's silly. I don't understand why you have to do it.
Richard Lestrange: I like the way it makes me feel.
Lilli Hargrave: What do you mean?
Richard Lestrange: [point to his stomach] Inside here. It feels all alive, when I'm know I'm the master of the reef!
Lilli Hargrave: The master of the reef. The master of the reef!
Richard Lestrange: Hey, don't you ever make fun of me!
Lilli Hargrave: I'm sorry.
View Quote Richard Lestrange: With this ring, I thee wed, Lilli.
Lilli Hargrave: With this ring, I thee wed, Richard.
[They exchange rings]
Lilli Hargrave: And now we're...
Richard Lestrange: One. Forever.
[They kiss passionately]
View Quote Sylvia Hilliard: It's no time to be thinking about Lilli!
Richard Lestrange: I told her I'd never hurt her.
Sylvia Hilliard: Don't feel sorry for her, Richard. She's had you all to herself. But she doesn't own you. You're not married.
Richard Lestrange: We are married!
Sylvia Hilliard: But not really. A lot of made up words in the middle of the jungle doesn't count.
Richard Lestrange: It does to me.
Sylvia Hilliard: Why don't you just... Follow your heart?
Richard Lestrange: [seriously] Lilli is my heart.
[Sylvia glares at Richard and slaps him]
View Quote [frustrated] I may be young, captain, but I have spent the last three years in a climate of fearsome heat, with insects as big as rats and rats as big as cats! I can certainly deal with deck hands down with fever!
View Quote [to Richard and Lilli] Someday soon after the ship comes, you'll find yourself seated at a well-appointed table in San Francisco, and you'll be expected to show proper table manners.
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