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McLeach: Well, Joanna, what did we get today? A dingo, a fat old razorback, or a nice big... boy? [McLeach frowns, turns to look at Joanna and suddenly viciously kicks her] JOANNA, YOU BEEN DIGGIN' HOLES OUT HERE AGAIN?! Darn lizard's always trying to bury squirrels out here.
Cody: Uh-uh. It's a trap, and poaching's against the law.
McLeach: Trap? Where'd you get an idea like that, boy? I think you've been down in that hole too long. [points gun barrel directly at Cody's chest] Well, come on, grab a hold. [Cody gulps and grabs the gun, and McLeach pulls him out of the hole] We'll just get you outta this old lizard-hole, then you can just run on home.
[Joanna notices the mouse in Cody's backpack and snarls]
Cody: This is a poacher's trap, and you're a poacher! [Joanna attacks. McLeach screams while he falls into his own pit, his gun going off in the process] Let go! Hey, get off me!
McLeach: [climbing out] I'm gonna kill her...I'm gonna kill that dumb, slimy, egg-suckin' salamander!
Cody: Cut it out, get off of me!
[McLeach angrily aims his gun at Joanna, until he notices Marahute's feather sticking out of the backpack]
McLeach: Hmmmm... Good girl Joanna. Say, where'd you get this pretty feather, boy?
Cody: It was a present.
McLeach: Oh, that's real nice. Who gave it to you?
Cody: It's a...secret.
McLeach: That's no secret, boy. You see, I already got the father. [performs a throat-slitting gesture with a battered eagle feather] Hah, hah, hah! Now you just tell me where mama and those little eggs are.
Cody: [retreats] No!
McLeach: Joanna, sic 'em! [Joanna chases Cody to the edge of Crocodile Falls and McLeach stamps on Cody's hand, stopping him from using his knife] You're coming with me, boy.
Cody: My Mom'll call the Rangers!
McLeach: [mockingly] Oh no! Not the Rangers, what'll I do? What'll I do?! Don't let your mom call the Rangers, please! [Joanna laughs; McLeach flings Cody's backpack into the water, where the crocodiles attack it] "My poor baby boy got eaten by the crocodiles, boo-hoo-hoo!" [chuckles, as he grabs Cody] Let's go, boy!
Cody: [gets locked in the cage on McLeach's truck] Help! Help!

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