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View Quote Walter Cochran: Going out in front of 80,000 people ain't bad, huh?
Heather: Is lap dancing a style?
Banes: [to Wilkinson after his arrival] Well, let's go join the others, shall we? No need to stay here... out of screaming distance.
San Diego's Coach: [to a referee after Washington's cheerleaders distracted the San Diego offense] The one girl slapped the other girl in the ass there Jimmy! You're killing me!
San Diego's Coach: [after Washington intercepts the pass on the next play] Stop them from shaking their asses for two minutes!
View Quote Coach McGinty: What's it gonna be, Shane?
Shane Falco: I want the ball.
Coach McGinty: [laughs] Winners always do.
View Quote Coach McGinty: You know what separates the winners from the losers?
Shane Falco: The score.
View Quote Shane Falco: I read Blitz!
Coach McGinty: [confronts Falco] Winners always want the ball when the game's on the line.
View Quote Nigel Gruff: Hey Shane Falco. I lost a ton of money on that Sugar Bowl disaster of yours. What a bloody shambles that was. You could smell the stink all the way back in bloody Wales.
Shane Falco: Nice meeting you too.
View Quote John Madden: I love to see a fat guy score.
Pat Summerall: Why?
John Madden: Because first you get a fat guy spike, then you get the fat guy dance.
View Quote (The football falls right in Jumbo's hands)
Jumbo Fumiko: Holy shit!
Andrea Jackson: Let's haul ass, round boy! Follow me! Follow me!
View Quote Shane Falco: You, ah, wanna come on board for a beer?
Annabelle: Nothing personal, Shane, but I don't date football players.
Shane Falco: I don't blame you. Not even quarterbacks?
Annabelle: Especially not quarterbacks. You guys are the biggest babies of all.
View Quote [at the bar]
Shane Falco: Danny.
Daniel Bateman: Yeah?
Falco: Remember what I said about not hitting redshirts in practice?
Bateman: Yeah.
Falco: Forget about it.
Bateman: Ok.
Falco: Hey Martell. [punches him]
Bateman: Yaaaah! [Fight breaks out during which Danny beats up Eddie Martell, who's wearing a red shirt]
View Quote Coach McGinty: I want you get used to setting up on the run. Move fast, think even faster. You'll live a lot longer.
View Quote [Falco indicates his red jersey to Danny after he took a vicious hit from him in practice.]
Bateman: Oh shit! I forgot the whole red shirt thing! This games confusing.
Shane Falco: (Grabs Bateman as he's getting up and pulls him back down) Remember, red means STOP.
Bateman: Like a street light, right?
Shane Falco: Yeah.
Bateman: Get on up (offering Falcon a hand up)
Shane Falco: I think I'm just going to lie here for a moment and collect my thoughts.
Daniel Bateman: Work shit out, right?
Coach McGinty: You'll be glad he's on your side.
Shane Falco: Yes, very.
View Quote Coach McGinty: Danny, I need that ball.
Daniel Bateman: You need the ball.
Coach McGinty: Get me the ball.
Daniel Bateman: Get you ball.
Coach McGinty: (screaming) Are you going to get me the ball?
(They screaming together nearly incoherently as Bateman starts taking on an insane look.)
Coach McGinty: (After Bateman runs onto the field insane) I sure hope he doesn't kill somebody.
View Quote Jamal Jackson: The Mick's right.
Nigel 'The Leg' Gruff: I'm not a Mick. I'm bloody WELSH!
View Quote Woman Reporter: (Running to catch up with McGinty heading to the locker room for halftime) Coach, what will Washington need to get back into this game?
Jimmy McGinty: (pause) You've got to have heart.
Woman Reporter: Can you elaborate?
Jimmy McGinty: (striking his chest with his roll of papers) Miles and miles of heart.
Woman Reporter: (comes to a halt) So with a word, Coach McGinty says Washington will need to have heart to get back into this ball game.
Eddie Martell: We have a game to win. Nobody can beat Dallas with these losers!
Shane Falco: [enters locker room] I can.
Martell: Hi Shane, how are ya, now get the HELL OUT OF MY LOCKER ROOM!
Falco: Coach?
Jimmy McGinty: What the hell took you so long?
Falco: Traffic. [players cheer him on]
Jimmy McGinty: Suit up!
Martell: What?! O'Niel will fire your ass!
Jimmy McGinty: It won't be the first time!
Martell: This is bullshit. I'm going to put an end to it right now. (heads for the locker room exit)
Nigel 'The Leg' Gruff: (Pulling his shirt off, spitting into his right hand, and faces Martell) Come and get some then, you big fatty!
(Martell chuckles at Nigel in front of him but the grin disappears as the whole team moves to surround him.)
Martell: This doesn't change anything, Falco. I'm an All-Pro quarterback. I've got TWO Super Bowl rings! You'll never be more than a replacement player.
Falco: I can live with that.
Clifford Franklin: [refers to Martell] Will somebody please, please get this asshole out of here?
[As the crowd sings "Ole Ole Ole," Nigel Gruff has second thoughts about the goal kick]
Nigel Gruff: I'm sorry.
Shane Falco: What?
Gruff: I'm sorry Shane, I can't kick it. I took 50,000 quid and pissed it all on the track.
Falco: What do you mean?
Gruff: They're gonna take my pub away from me. It's all I've got, Shane!
Unnamed Forward: Come on, Shane!
View Quote Annabelle: [examining the extensive bruising of Falco's upper arm and shoulder] Oh, my God... oh, my God...
Shane Falco: It looks worse than it feels.
Annabelle: Oh, my God... it looks like Hell.
Shane Falco: Then it looks exactly like it feels.
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