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Roger Davis quotes

View Quote How do you write a song when the chords sound wrong, though they once sounded right and rare?
View Quote The music ignites the night with passionate fire.
View Quote You can't wipe out an entire tent city then... watch It's A Wonderful Life on TV!
View Quote I'm writing one great song before I... oh.
View Quote Zoom in on my empty wallet.
View Quote Find glory, beyond the cheap colored lights. One song, before the sun sets. Glory - on another empty life.
View Quote Glory: in a song that rings true. Truth like a blazing fire, an eternal flame.
View Quote Time flies then no need to endure anymore.
View Quote I didn't recognize you without the handcuffs.
View Quote Your sweet whisper, I just can't handle! So take your hair in the moonlight, your brown eyes, goodbye goodnight!
View Quote You wanna prove me wrong, come back another day!
View Quote That's a full service woman you got there.
View Quote It's true you're with this yuppie s****?
View Quote All your words are nice Mimi, but love's not a three way street! You'll never share real love until you love yourself, I should know!
View Quote I see Mimi everywhere.
View Quote I hear it, I hear it, I hear it my song!
View Quote You were the song all along, and before the song dies... I should tell you, I should tell you, I have always loved you. You can see it in my eyes!
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