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Red Sonja (1985)

Red Sonja (1985) quotes

18 total quotes


View Quote Gedren's Handmaid: She's gone. Oh, I'm so glad that you've come. Please, will you protect me? I'm so frightened.
View Quote Prince Tarn: Why does she fight so hard? She doesn't want to win.
View Quote Brytag: I will tell the future in your entrails, Red Woman!
Sonja: I know my future. You have none.
View Quote Brytag: This is my land. All that pass through pay me tribute.
Sonja: How much, Brytag?
Brytag: Who mentioned money? Tribute, I said. The tender kind all women pay to Brytag.
Sonja: Suppose, I don't. Suppose, instead, I open up that great, fat belly of yours?
View Quote Brytag: Woman, I have fought 177 men. Only one survives, and he has no legs. You Dare to mock Brytag?
Sonja: That takes no daring... but when I've killed you.
Brytag: When you've killed me! [laughs scornfully]
View Quote Ikol: Majesty, the Talisman is almost beyond control. We must bury it in the dark before it is too late.
Queen Gedren: It'll be buried when I have no further use for it, and that time shall come with the end of time itself.
Ikol: It will kill us all! Majesty, what do you want? Our vaults are brimming with gold. Great kingdoms live in terror of us! What more is there?
Queen Gedren: The world, Ikol! Today we took the kingdom of Toktyl. But I have wider claims, and the Talisman will enforce them!
Ikol: Madness. There will be no world.
View Quote Ikol: My Queen, this pet of yours is difficult for the rest of us to control; there can be no guarantees that something won't... well, go wrong.
Queen Gedren: If anything does, YOU will be its next victim.
View Quote Kalidor: I know you're a brave girl, but danger is my Trade.
Sonja: If danger is a trade, I'll learn it by myself.
View Quote Prince Tarn: [upon finding the Great Pearl] This could buy me an army, or even rebuild Habloc! Dig it out, Falkon!
Falkon: Your Highness, this pearl may belong to somebody.
Prince Tarn: It does! And he wants it now!
View Quote Sonja: But why didn't you tell me who you were?
Kalidor: You didn't seem to want a man's help. But you needed it, so that's why I followed you. I had to be sure you reached the talisman.
Sonja: I see, I misunderstood. I thought you had another reason.
Kalidor: I did. [He kisses her]
View Quote Sonja: No man may have me, unless he's beaten me in a fair fight.
Kalidor: So, the only man that can have you, is one who's trying to kill you. That's logic. [Sonja goes and lies down. Kalidor picks up his sword and holds it to her throat]
Kalidor: If you yield only to a conqueror, then prepared to be conquered.
Sonja: Don't be a fool, I don't want to kill you.
Kalidor: Try it.
View Quote Sonja: What happened?
Falkon: What happened? Queen Gedren attacked us is what happened.
Sonja: Gedren? Queen Gedren?
Falkon: That's right. She knocked down half the city with her new weapon and demanded our surrender.
Prince Tarn: My army ran away. Do they want to live forever? I refused to surrender.
Falkon: So she knocked down the other half.
View Quote Swordmaster: Hatred of men in a lovely young woman... Such could be your downfall.
Sonja: I don't hate ALL men, Grandmaster.
Swordmaster: Those words would have brought music to my heart, thirty years ago.
View Quote [having a hard time climbing the castle wall] Tomorrow I start my diet.
View Quote Falkon, may I give you a word of advice? Put him over your knee and beat some manners into him.