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de Winter: Do you remember that cliff where you first saw me in Monte Carlo?...That was where I found out about her...She stood there laughing, her black hair blowing in the wind and told me all about herself - everything. Things I'll never tell a living soul. I wanted to kill her. It would have been so easy. Remember the precipice. I frightened you, didn't I? You thought I was mad. Perhaps I was. Perhaps I am mad. It wouldn't make for sanity would it, living with the devil. 'I'll make a bargain with you,' she said. 'You'd look rather foolish trying to divorce me now after four days of marriage. So I'll play the part of a devoted wife, mistress of your precious Manderley. I'll make it the most famous showplace in England if you like. Then, people will visit us and envy us, and say we're the luckiest, happiest, couple in the country. What a grand show it will be! What a triumph!' I should never have accepted her dirty bargain but I did. I was younger then and tremendously conscious of the family honor. Family honor. She knew that I'd sacrifice everything rather than stand up in a divorce court and give her away - admit that our marriage was a rotten fraud. You despise me don't you, as I despise myself. You can't understand what my feelings were, can you?
2nd Mrs. de Winter: Of course I can, darling, of course I can.
de Winter: Well, I kept the bargain and so did she, apparently. Oh, she played the game brilliantly. But after a while, she began to grow careless. She took a flat in London and she'd stay away for days at a time. Then, she started to bring her friends down here. I warned her but she shrugged her shoulders. 'What's it got to do with you?' she said. She even started on Frank, poor faithful Frank. Then there was a cousin of hers, a man named Favell.
2nd Mrs. de Winter: Yes, I know him. He came the day you went to London.
de Winter: Why didn't you tell me?
2nd Mrs. de Winter: I didn't like to. I thought it would remind you of Rebecca.
de Winter: Remind me, as if I needed reminding.
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