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de Winter: Oh hang Mrs. Danvers. Why on earth should you be frightened of her? You behave more like an upstairs maid or something, not like the mistress of the house at all.
2nd Mrs. de Winter: Yes, I know I do. But I feel so uncomfortable. I try my best every day, but it's very difficult, with people looking me up and down as if I were a prize cow.
de Winter: Well, what does it matter if they do? You must remember that life at Manderley is the only thing that interests anybody down here.
2nd Mrs. de Winter: What a slap in the eye I must have been to them then. I suppose that's why you married me, cause you knew I was dull and gauche and inexperienced. There would never be any gossip about me.
de Winter: Gossip? What do you mean?
2nd Mrs. de Winter: I-I don't know. I just said it for something to say. Don't look at me like that. Maxim. What's the matter? What have I said?
de Winter: It wasn't a very attractive thing to say, was it?
2nd Mrs. de Winter: No. It was rude, hateful.
de Winter: I wonder if I did a very selfish thing in marrying you.
2nd Mrs. de Winter: What do you mean?
de Winter: I'm not much of a companion to you, am I? You don't get much fun, do you? You ought to have married a boy, someone of your own age.
2nd Mrs. de Winter: Maxim, why do you say this? Of course we're companions.
de Winter: Are we? I don't know. I'm very difficult to live with.
2nd Mrs. de Winter: No, you're not difficult, you're easy, very easy. Our marriage is a success, isn't it? A great success? We're happy, aren't we? Terribly happy? If you don't think we are happy, it would be much better if you didn't pretend. I'll go away. Why don't you answer me?
de Winter: How can I answer you when I don't know the answer myself? If you say we're happy, let's leave it at that. Happiness is something I know nothing about.
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