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Tom Mullen: [phone ring. Tom answers] What?
Detective Jimmy Shaker: You want to talk to your son?
Tom Mullen: Yes, of course I do.
Sean Mullen: [Jimmy puts phone up to Sean's mouth] Daddy? Dad?
[Jimmy pulls phone away]
Tom Mullen: Sean. Sean. How ar— son...
Kate Mullen: I want to listen.
[Kate puts on headphones]
Detective Jimmy Shaker: That's enough.
Tom Mullen: No, put him back on, I want to talk to him.
Detective Jimmy Shaker: You just did. Now, you listen, real, real good. You've got one more chance to pay up, or you're never gonna talk to him again. No more ****ing around. This is it. Right now. What's it gonna be?
Tom Mullen: ...No. This is bullshit. You're not gonna touch him. You can't be that stupid. Do you have any idea the rain of shit I can put on you?
Detective Jimmy Shaker: Look at your wife. Look at her face, mother****er. Do you know what I can do to your boy?
Tom Mullen: Is it dark where you're calling from? Got the shades drawn? Kind of like a cellar, right? Like a cave? Well, you better get used to that. You better get used to crawling in the dark for the rest of your days, because I am gonna get the best group of manhunters in this country, and I am gonna dedicate my life to tracking you down.
Detective Jimmy Shaker: Hey, hey, get your head out of your ass! You think you can threaten me, huh? Who do you think you're dealing with? GIMME THE MONEY!
Tom Mullen: **** you and your two million! Don't you understand English, you useless piece of shit? No money! None!
Detective Jimmy Shaker: Let me tell you something. You think you're suffering now, huh? You got no idea what suffering is. If I don't get the cash in one hour, this kid is dead!
Tom Mullen: I don't get my son back, and I mean real soon, you better kill yourself, because when I catch up with you, I'm gonna take my goddamn time. By the time we're finished, you're gonna wish you weren't born! I'll have your head on a ****ing pike, do you understand me?
Detective Jimmy Shaker: **** you! I'll ****ing kill him right now!
Kate Mullen: I want to talk!
Tom Mullen: You kill him, you kill yourself, you mother****er! GIVE ME BACK MY SON!
Kate Mullen: Hello?!
Detective Jimmy Shaker:: YOU WANT HIM?
Tom Mullen: YES!
Detective Jimmy Shaker: YOU WANT HIM?
[Jimmy hits speaker phone with gun]
Sean Mullen: Daddy!
[Jimmy fires gun]

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