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[the Princesses are relaxing with Vanellope, all wearing new modern clothes.]
Cinderella: [sighs] So this is love. All hail Princess Vanellope, the queen of comfy.
[the other princesses cheer]
Ariel: Of all the thingamabobs in this entire world, I never thought I'd get to wear a real... what's it called again? Oh, yeah. A shirt. [sings] I once had a dream that I might wear a shirt...
Vanellope: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait. What's going on?
Jasmine: Uh, she's singing.
Vanellope: Yeah, but there was, like, music and the spotlight and... Wait, you all saw it, too, right?
Tiana: That's what happens when a princess sings about her dreams.
Vanellope: Oh, that's never happened to me, I mean, not even once.
Rapunzel: Why don't you give it a try? What is it you really want? Sing about that.
Vanellope: Okay, uh, sure. I can do that. Uh, let's see. [clears throat; sings] Oh, steering wheel, oh, steering wheel. Oh, yes, I want a steering wheel. [scats]
Belle: Well, there's a lot to unpack here. So, this steering wheel you sing of-- That's a metaphor?
Vanellope: Oh, no, no, no, no. It's not a metaphor. It's just... I literally want a steering wheel. I think the issue was I was a little pitchy.
Mulan: Maybe a little. But sometimes your song can't start until you go someplace to reflect.
Pocahontas: What works for some of us is finding a form of water and staring at it.
Vanellope: What?
Snow White: Oh, yes. I like to stare at a wishing well.
Moana: I stare at the ocean.
Mulan: Horse trough.
Cinderella: Soap bubbles.
Vanellope: Wait, you're saying if I just stare at some water...
Ariel: Important water.
Vanellope: Right, of course, important water. I stare at the important water, and somehow magically, I'll start singing about my dream?
Rapunzel: For sure.
Tiana: Mm-hmm.
Vanellope: Uh, yeah. I don't think so, ladies, but thanks.
[C-3PO enters]
C-3PO: Five minutes, Princesses. Another "Which Disney Princess are you?" quizlet starts in five minutes.
[he leaves]
Jasmine: Okay, thank you.
Tiana: Well, I guess it's back to the gowns, girls.
Aurora: It was lovely to meet you, Vanellope.
Belle: And best of luck finding your song.
Merida: Och. Lang may yer lum reek, and may a moose ne'er leave your girnal with a tear drop in his eye. Haste ye back, me lassie!
Vanellope: Uh-huh. What did she just say?
Tiana: We don't know.
Moana: We can't understand her.
Anna: She's from the other studio.
Vanellope: Ah.
Vanellope: Ralph look, I think you fixed your insecurity.
Ralph: Yeah I did. [as Virus Ralph disappears] Woohoo! [he starts to fall]
Vanellope: NO!
J.P. Spamley: [comes to the rescue] Park it right here, Ralph! Your old friend J.P. Spamley's got you!
Ralph: [surprised] Woohoo! [goes right through it and still falls, knocked out silly]
J.P. Spamley: [surprised] Wow, that didn't work. [as Ralph was about to fall to his immediate death the princesses see him falling]
Rapunzel: [gasps] Look up there! It's a big, strong man in need of rescuing! [Moana uses her oar to let out the ocean, Ariel uses it to make a loop-de-loop, and lands on Jasmine's Magic Carpet, and Elsa freezes it into a slide for Ralph. Meanwhile, the other princesses are making their dresses to get Ralph to safety and then he approaches it using the other dresses as parachutes and Ariel sings a few notes to get Pocahontas's attention and she blows him to the place where Aurora got cursed to slumber and Tiana approaches Ralph and uses Naveen to kiss and wake him up from his slumber]
Ralph: Ah, thanks, Frogger. [notices that the princesses have saved Ralph from falling to his death] Wait a minute, who are all of you?
Jasmine: We're friends of Vanellope's.
Elsa: Yeah. And any friend of Vanellope's is a friend of ours.
Moana: You're welcome.
Vanellope: [offscreen] Ralph!
Yesss: [laughs] Looking good, big fella!
Ralph: Hey y'all! [extends his hand that the dress starts to rip as the princesses saw it and laugh] This dress is not made for a big boy. [laughs] It's going right back the alley there. Let me just make a little ajustment. [ajusts the dress and shows his fat belly] There we go. [princesses laugh]
Felix: [Approaches to Ralph, sitting peacefully in the bench while watching the sunrise] Hey. You doing okay there Ralph?
Ralph: Yeah. I am, actually. I'm doing great. [as the arcade characters reporting to their games] Come on, Felix. Let's get to work, Buddy. [as the two heads off to Fix-It Felix Jr., we zoom back into the plug of the Linkster Wi-Fi router, then we fade to the interior of the arcade section of Litwak's Family Fun Center, we fade to the doors outside, and finally the parking lot in which Del Litwak's car arrives for work, before cutting to the main title]

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