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[Vanellope glitches into the dressing room of the Disney Princesses]
Vanellope: Uh, hi.
[the princesses surround her on all sides]
Vanellope: Whoa! Whoa! Ladies, I can explain! See, um... I'm a princess, too.
Anna: Wait. What?
Vanellope: Yeah! Princess Vanellope von Schweetz of the Sugar Rush von Schweetzes? I'm sure you've heard of us. It'd be embarrassing for you if you haven't. [laughs nervously]
Pocahontas: What kind of a princess are you?
Vanellope: What kind?
Rapunzel: Do you have magic hair?
Vanellope: No.
Elsa: Magic hands?
Vanellope: No.
Cinderella: Do animals talk to you?
Vanellope: No.
Snow White: Were you poisoned?
Vanellope: No!
Tiana and Aurora: Cursed?
Vanellope: No!
Rapunzel and Belle: Kidnapped or enslaved?
Vanellope: No! Are you guys okay? Should I call the police?
Ariel: Then I have to assume you made a deal with an underwater sea witch, where she took your voice in exchange for a pair of human legs?
Vanellope: No! Good Lord! Who would do that?!
Snow White: Have you ever had true love's kiss?
Vanellope: Eww! Barf!
Jasmine: Do you have daddy issues?
Vanellope: I don't even have a mom!
Numerous princesses: Neither do we!
Rapunzel: And now for the million dollar question: Do people assume all your problems got solved because a big strong man showed up?
Vanellope: Yes! What is up with that?
All princesses: She is a Princess!
[Snow White vocalizes]
Cinderella: [eyes Vanellope's clothing] Who made your gown? I've never seen anything quite like it.
Vanellope: Oh, this old thing?
Cinderella: Oh, I'd so love to have one of my own.
Aurora: As would I.
Moana: Me, too!
Elsa: So cool!
Rapunzel: Best outfit ever!
Ariel: I want one too, you guys!
Cinderella: I'll get my mice on this.

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