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Radio Flyer

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Older Mike

View Quote Boy #1: Dad, he promised to let me play with it, now he says he didn't and he won't.
Older Mike: Did you promise?
[other son nods]
Older Mike: Well, you can't just say, "I promise," then forget about it. "I promise" are the most important words you'll ever say... well almost the most important words you'll ever say.
View Quote [the King, completely drunk and furious, catches Mike and Bobby watching TV late at night]
The King: Hey! What are ya doin' up? Go to bed! Go to bed! [to Bobby] Not you!
Mike: Yeah, but...
The King: [cuts Mike off] Bobby, come here! Mikey, you go to bed. Bobby, you come here!
Mike: But I wanna stay...
The King: [cuts him off again] GO TO BED! Come here, Bobby. Come HERE! Come here.
[the King grabs and pulls Bobby towards him; Shane, the family dog, growls whilst Mikey cries]
The King: What did I tell ya? What did I tell ya? Why don't you listen to me? Why don't you ever listen to what I TELL YOU TO DO? GET TO BED, YOU LITTLE SON-OF-A-BITCH!
[a few minutes later, Bobby, in tears, walks into the room]
Bobby: [to Mike] We can't stay up so late anymore.
View Quote [about The King] Bobby: He's coming back, Mike. It's not mom's fault, but he's coming back.
View Quote [on getting the idea to sell golf balls] It was money, I didn't know how it would help but I knew we were better off if we had some than if we didn't.
View Quote [When the bullies showed up] We knew we were dead instantly, the way you always know you're in for it when bigger kids show up. It's a sixth sense you never lose.
View Quote From that moment on, I realized Bobby was my responsibility.
View Quote History is all in the mind of the teller. Truth is all in the telling.
View Quote There are seven lost secret fascinations and abilities. They are that: animals can talk; your favorite blanket is woven from a fabric so mighty, that once pulled over your head, it becomes an impenetrable force field, nothing is too heavy to lift with the aid of a cape; your hand, held forefinger out and thumb up, actually fires bullets; jumping from any height with an umbrella is completely safe; monsters exist and can be both seen an done battle with; and the greatest, most special and regrettable loss of all: the ability to fly.
View Quote We called him 'The king', because... that's what he liked to be called.