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View Quote Father Paul: Father Lonergan!
Father Longergan: Shhh...
Father Paul: It's, it's a big fight in the town!
Father Longergan: And there's a big fight in this fish right here.
Father Paul: I'd have put a stop to it, but you see...
Father Longergan: You do that, lad. It's your duty.
Father Paul: But see now, it's Danahar and Shawn Thornton!
Father Longergan: Who?
Father Paul: Danahar and Shawn Thornton!
Father Longergan: Well why the devil didn't you tell me? [Quickly drops fishing rod and runs]
[The two priests arrive at the scene of the fight]
Father Paul: Father, shouldn't we put a stop to it now?
Father Longergan: [Smiling, making fighting movements] Ah, we should lad, yes we should, it's our duty. Yes, it's our duty... [Smiles as a punch is heard]
View Quote Mary Kate Danaher: Wipe your feet.
Will Danaher: [drunk] Thank you, ma'am.
View Quote Michaleen Flynn: Actually, me mouth is like a dry crust and the sun is that hot on me pate.
Mary Kate Danaher: Would you be steppin' into the parlor? The house may belong to my brother, but what's in the parlor belongs to me.
Michaleen Flynn: I will then, and I hope that there's a bottle there, whoever it belongs to.
View Quote Michaleen Flynn: What do they feed you Irishmen in that Pittsburgh?
Sean Thornton: Steel, Michaleen. Steel and pig iron furnaces so hot a man forgets his fear of hell.
There'll be no locks or bolts between us, Mary Kate, except those in your own mercenary little heart!
View Quote Will Danaher: I'll pay ya, never.
Sean Thornton: That breaks all bargains. You can take your sister back. It's your custom, not mine. No fortune, no marriage. We call it quits.
View Quote [Narrating] Now then, here comes myself. That's me there, walking. That tall, saintly-looking man. Peter Lonergan, parish priest.
View Quote [To Mary Kate, "introducing" Shawn] Mr. Shawn Thornton, bachelor, meet Miss Mary Kate Danahar. Miss Danaher, meet Mr. Thornton, from Pittsburgh, Massachusetts, USA.
View Quote [To Mary Kate] You're a well-propertied woman. I wouldn't mind marrying you meself.
View Quote [Watching Father Lonergan attempt to catch a fish] Oh, you got him, you got him Father! Well keep his head up, you fool! [Suddenly covers mouth]
View Quote Now when the Reverend Mr. Playfair, good man that he is, comes down, I want us all to cheer like Protestants.