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Akasha quotes

View Quote Join me or die!
View Quote I have come to give you the world.
View Quote I would like for you to kill her. (To Lestat, regarding Jessie)
View Quote See my children, remember your real family, or join hers.
View Quote You kill me, you kill yourselves.
View Quote There is no such thing as love. Only proofs of love.
View Quote Just the same, I'd like you to kill her. For me
View Quote You still think to challenge me, Maharet?
View Quote You've just earned your crown.
View Quote They have learned more efficient ways to slaughter. Nothing more. (venomous) You think you can change my will? I'm tired of this... discussion. Join me, or die.
View Quote Oh, I've been listening for a long, long time. And all I can hear is ignorance and stupidity.
View Quote Yes, In the shadows. In silence. In shame. All for what? For respect of mortals? They are nothing to us. They are only... food.
View Quote Then we shall change it back.
View Quote Maharet, you're looking very well. You will address my king first...
View Quote My children... it warms my heart to see you all gathered, plotting against me.
View Quote Come, my king. We have a score to settle.
View Quote They believed in nothing, now they are nothing. But you and I will change all that. We will give the world something to believe in
View Quote We live everywhere and anywhere we choose. The world is our garden.
View Quote You have yearned for a companion to share eternity. You have cried out to the world. I have answered your call
View Quote R.I.P Aaliyah***
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