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Christina: I have imagined happiness but happiness you cannot imagine. Happiness you must feel, joy you must feel. Oh, and this great joy I feel now. Antonio.
Don Antonio: What?
Christina: This is how the Lord must have felt when he first beheld the finished world with all his creatures breathing, living.
[They kiss.]
Don Antonio: And to think a few snowdrifts might have separated us forever.
Christina: We might have been born in different centuries.
Don Antonio: No, I never would have permitted that. We're inevitable, don't you feel it?
Christina: I feel it. But you, how can you be so sure? You know me so little.
Don Antonio: That's true. There's a mystery in you.
Christina: Is there not in every human being?
Don Antonio: Yes. Tell me, you said you would, why did you come to this inn dressed as a man?
Christina: In my home, I'm very constrained. Everything is arranged very formally.
Don Antonio: A conventional household.
Christina: Very. I like to get away from it sometimes, to be free.
Don Antonio: I can understand that.
Christina: You're going to court. What if the Queen keeps you there?
Don Antonio: Let her try.
Christina: If half of the Queen's reputation is well-founded...
Don Antonio: After you, she'll be tiresome. Ah, to have found anyone in this wilderness would have been miracle enough but to have found you - ah, this is too improbable. I don't believe in you. You're an illusion. You'll vanish before my eyes.

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