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The Proud Family Movie

The Proud Family Movie quotes

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View Quote 15 Cent: Hey cus, we're gonna have an afterparty on my yacht (pronounced yatch)!
Sticky: Uh about the yacht...
View Quote 15 Cent: So, uh, this your house, right?
Penny Proud: Look, I know what you doin'. Tryin' to get me all alone. But you can stop right there, player. I read every issue of Dreamy Teen Magazine, and I know all about your little rep. So if you think you gonna get a kiss on the first date, I'm-a just tell you straight up-- it ain't gonna happen.
15 Cent: Oh, the stuff in those magazines is all made up.
Penny Proud: It is?
15 Cent: Yep. Remember that picture of me and Christina Aguilera? Besides, if I'm late for my curfew, my moms'll go off.
(15 starts the car)
Penny Proud: Wait a minute. You ain't gonna happen?
15 Cent: Nah, seriously, it's gettin' late, and I gotta return my grandmama car.
(15 dials in on his phone, and Penny grabs his face)
Penny Proud: Your grandmama's gonna have to wait. Come here, boy.
(Penny kisses 15 on the lips)
View Quote Cashew: [Penny found Cashew in her closet, wearing her clothes] How do.
Penny Proud: Cashew, what are doing here?
Cashew: Oh, just checking out your wardrobe. You know, you could use little more variety. [Penny looks at Cashew sternly] Okay, I stowed away on the boat and followed you here, because I wanted to see what it was like to have a real family. Only problem is, you don't have a real family either.
Penny Proud: whacha talking about, Cashew?
Cashew: You real family still back on the island being held captive. Those people down stairs are peanut clones, sent here by the evil Dr. Marcus Carver Carver, the second. To find your father's secret formula, so he can take over the world. Hey, is this cashmere.
Penny Proud: Cashew, focus. Are telling me, my family is a forgery. [Cashew nods] HA HA HA HA HA, that's a funny. That's real funny, come on, lets go down stairs, so I can let everyone know your here. [walks down stairs, to talking to clone family, while holding Cashew] You guys wouldn't believe who hitched a ride on the boat. CASHEW, and he's got this ridiculous idea, that all of you guys are clones. HA HA HA HA. [clones look at Penny suspiciously] That is ridiculous, right?
Bebe Clone: Yeah, that is ridiculous.
Penny Proud: Who said that?
Bebe Clone: I DID. Now give me that necklace, or I'm gonna slap your head with this ten pound dirty diaper.
Cashew: See, I told ya.
View Quote Suga Mama: [to Oscar] You said this was the grand prize! A vacation with my son is like a booby prize.
Oscar: For once, I agree with you, Mama, so take her away and have a nice trip! (pushes Suga Mama and Puff out the door) Quick, Trudy! Let's move the house before they come back!
View Quote (At the Proud house; Oscar grounds Penny)
Oscar Proud: This time you gone too far, Penny Proud! Not only are your forbidden from dancing at the halftime show, you're grounded! Indefinetly!
Penny Proud: Indefinetly?! What about my birthday party?
Oscar Proud: Cancelled! In fact, your whole birthday is cancelled! And until you learn to show some respect, you not even allowed to turn 16!
Trudy Proud: Oscar, isn't that a little unreasonable?
Penny Proud: I wish you weren't my daddy.
Oscar Proud: What did you say!?
Penny Proud: I said I wish you weren't my daddy! (she runs off to her room)
Oscar Proud: Well right now, I wish you weren't my daughter!
(Penny shouts in anger)
Oscar Proud: Trudy, when did this girl learn how to sass me like that?
Sugar Mama: Boy, would you shut up?!
Oscar Proud: I can't believe that girl! It's like I don't even know her anymore!
Trudy Proud: Honey, let me talk to her.
View Quote A vacation with my family? Punishment, I can take, but that's just cruel and unusual.
View Quote Don't worry, its not like its the first time I've ever driven a boat. (the boat hits a rock and starts to sink) Its the second time I've driven a boat! Abandon ship everybody! (they all do though Sticky has to be dragged off)