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Prom Night (2008)

Prom Night (2008) quotes

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Crissy Lynn
Richard Fenton

View Quote Detective Nash: [walking up to the desk] Hey Winn.
Detective Winn: That's Detective Winn to you, kid.
Detective Nash: [hands over the fax] This just came for you... What?
[as Winn grabs the phone]
Fuller: [on the phone] Fuller here.
Detective Winn: This is Detective Winn with the Bridge Port PD. I'm calling about a fax concerning the escape of Richard Fenton. What the hell is going on?
Fuller: Yes, sir! Detective, we just received word from the hospital of Fenton's escape on Wednesday evening.
Detective Winn: [outraged] Why did it take three God damn days to notify us?
Fuller: Sorry, sir. I needed to notify the board.
[phone disconnects]
Detective Winn: Damn! I don't believe this!
Detective Nash: What is it?
Detective Winn: [walking around, gathering files] This is a case I had three years ago. High school teacher, he got crazy obsessed with a female student. They fired him, that didn't stop him. And then when the family got a restraining order against him, he went psycho. We arrested that son of a bitch at his house. We found journals of this guy having fantasies about this girl. He had pictures of her everywhere.
View Quote Ronnie Heflin: I want to make a toast. To my little queen... No matter what happens. Cheer?
Bobby: Cheers.
[as they all toast]
Lisa: [turns to look at Crissy and then back] If that bitch wins... I'll hurl!
Donna: Ok, I'm sorry. Would you just explain to me, why do you care? What do you get? A bouquet of roses and a tacky tiara you can only wear to proms?
Lisa: It's not about what you get. It's like, it's about the honor, you know. It's about the respect of my peers.
Bobby: [laughing with everyone] Are you serious?
Donna: That's the geekiest thing you've ever said.
Lisa: [beat] Ok, 'guess it was a little geeky. But seriously. I just want Crissy to know that she can't buy everything and think about the reunions to come. I win, it'll eat away at her until the day she dies.
View Quote [during procession into the ballroom.]
Ms. Waters: Lisa! Wow! That dress is so...
Crissy Lynn: [off screen] Inappropriate.
Lisa:: Crissy! Wow, your dress is so simple. It's so you.
Donna: [walking up the steps] Crissy, come on. This is prom, Let's just all be nice and forget the past.
Crissy Lynn: [walks down a few steps, to Lisa] As fellow prom queen nominee, I want to wish you luck tonight. You're gonna need all you can get.
Lisa: [intimidated] You think you got it all wrapped up, do you?
Crissy Lynn: [sneering]
View Quote [about her date] If he were any dumber, I'd have to water him.
View Quote [during his interrogation, about Donna] Nothing can keep us apart... She has no family. All she has is me... You know we love one another... Ask Donna... We'll be together forever... together forever, that's my promise... I'll see you soon, Donna.
View Quote This is prom, Let's just all be nice and forget the past.