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The Princess and the Pea

The Princess and the Pea quotes

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Sebastian the Raven

View Quote [The "birthmark" on Hildegard's foot is smudged, proving that it's fake]
Sebastian: Aha, ha, ha, ha! I was right! Hildegard is NOT your daughter, Heath!
Helsa: AH! The pig's out of the bag!
[Fearless pops out of his hiding place. Princess Daria and Hungry appeared as well]
Prince Rollo: Fearless? Princess, Hungry! But if you're here, then...
Sebastian: Heath, your daughter is...
Laird: ...RIGHT HERE!
[The camera pans to Laird above the crowd. Princess Daria is in her clutches]
Princess Daria: LET ME GO!
Prince Rollo: DARIA!
Laird: Take another step, and she goes over the side! [laughs evilly] Helsa and Hildegard! Come to me!
Helsa: [grabbing as much food as she can] I'm coming, I'm coming...
Laird: NOW!
[Helsa and Hildegard hurry]
King Heath: Hildegard... LAIRD! Where is your conscious?
Laird: You're so predictable! Blade! [throws a dagger to Blade, who flies to the chandelier above Prince Rollo, cutting the ropes that hold it up] Say goodbye to your "future son-in-law"!
King Heath: ROLLO!
[King Heath pushes Prince Rollo out of the way, diving under the falling chandelier himself - it crushes him, and he appears dead]
Laird: What a tragic accident! At this time of sorrow, I sadly proclaim myself king, and denounce this girl as an imposter!
King Heath: [slowly lifting his head] Wrong... again... brother!
Laird: Hmm? [whining] I WANT THE KINGDOM!
King Heath: [getting up] Let... my daughter... free!
Laird: [groaning in frustration] My reign was short but glorious. [takes off with Princess Daria]
View Quote It's in the princess, not the pea! Ha, ha, ha, ha!