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Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time quotes

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View Quote Dastan: If we don't stop him, our world could end.
Tus: If you're going to kill me, best you do it now.
Dastan: (taking out the Dagger) This is no ordinary dagger. You press the jewel on its hilt and you will see.
Dastan: I should've had the strength to do this before we invaded this city...
Tus: [confused] What are you talking about?
Dastan: To act on what I know is right,(quoting King Sharaman) 'no matter the consequences.'
(stabs himself in the chest)
View Quote Dastan: Tus didn't kill my father. It was Nizam.
Tamina: Your uncle?
Dastan: His hands were burned. He said it happened trying to pull off the cloak that killed my father...I've gone over and over it in my mind..he never touched the cloak. He must have handled it before.
View Quote Dastan: You really enjoy telling me what to do, don't you?
Tamina: Only because you are so good at following orders.
Dastan: Don't press your luck.
View Quote Nizam: Then God have mercy on the traitor, for he chose the path of the coward.
Tus: [angrily] We both know Dastan was many things, but not a coward!
View Quote Sheik Amar: [to Dastan] As for you, young man, do you know that your brother's offered a reward for you that frankly, between you and me, borders on the obscene? I'd trade in my own mother for that kind of gold! [Seso looks at him askance] What?! You didn't know what she was like.
View Quote Tamina: [sarcastic] Such a noble prince!
Dastan: [also sarcastic] Such a gentle princess!
Tamina: How taken you were with my fainting act, eagerly leaping to assist the fallen beauty...!
Dastan: [scoffs] Who said you were a beauty?!
Tamina: There must be a reason why you can't take your eyes off me.
View Quote Tamina: So I'm being escorted by Prince Dastan, the Lion of Persia. Must feel wonderful winning such a claim for destroying such an innocent city.
Dastan: Oh, a pleasure to meet you too, princess. And allow me to offer, that if punishing the enemies of my king's a crime, then it's one I'll gladly repeat.
Tamina: Then you are a true prince of Persia. Brutal. Without honor.
Dastan: Don't make the mistake of thinking you know me, princess. (speaking to a soldier outside the entrance to the banquet hall) Stay here with her highness. (to Tamina) If you can manage it, I suggest a hint of humility before you're presented to the king. For your own good.
(Tamina glares)
View Quote Tamina: You know you really walk like one, head held high, chest out, long stomping strides.The walk of a self-satisfied Persian prince. No doubt it's comes from being told since birth the world was yours, and actually believing it.
Dastan: I wasn't born in a palace like you! I was born in the slums of Nasaf where I lived if I fought and I clawed for it.
Tamina: [confused] Then how did you become a prince?
Dastan: I don't know, the King... (pause)... marched in the market one day and he... I don't know he... he found me. He took me in, he gave me a family, he gave me home. What you're looking, at, is the walk of a man who just lost everything.
View Quote Tus: A moment ago, you died before my eyes.
Dastan: (breathless about the dagger) Oh, you pressed it.
Tus: How did you know I would press it?
Dastan: Because we are brothers.
(last lines after time has reversed)
Tamina: How can I trust the man who breached the walls of my city?
Dastan: Well, I'm starting to think I'm no longer the same man who breached those walls.
Tamina: That's a short time for a man to change so much.
Dastan: Perhaps.
Tamina: It sounds as if you've discovered something here.
Dastan: And what might that be?
Tamina: A new spiritual awareness.
Dastan: Destiny.
Tamina: Yes, exactly.
Dastan: Well, I believe we make our own destiny, Princess.
Tamina: You have an unfortunate lack of curiosity.
Dastan: No doubt one of my many flaws.
Tamina: Please don't mock me, Prince.
Dastan: Oh, I hardly think we know each other well enough for that, Princess, but I look forward to the day that we do.
View Quote [confronting Nizam] It will never be you. You will never be king. You don't have the heart. You will die in the shadow of a great man.
View Quote [to Dastan] Protect the dagger, no matter the consequences. That was my sacred calling, that was my destiny.
View Quote [To himself, regarding Tamina] Give me the strength not to kill her.