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View Quote "Where lies the final harbor, whence we unmoor no more? In what rapt ether sails the world, of which the weariest will never weary? Where is the foundling's father hidden?…" I don't need you to believe in me, Doctor Stipler, and I'm not interested in any of your tests. I'm not interested in you or anything else here. I'm interested in going home. Inside most people there's a feeling of being separate — separated from everything. … And they're not. They're part of absolutely everyone, and everything. I look at you, and I think that someday our humanity might actually surpass our technology. Sheriff Barnum: He won't come up from the cellar. He didn't report his grandfather's death either. We already know he died of natural causes. … The neighbors talk about him as if he's some kind of phantom. I haven't met one yet that ever had a good look at him.
Jessie: What are you telling me, Doug?
Sheriff Barnum: That the old folks may have kept him down there — like some kind of a family secret.
View Quote Energy, always relaying, always transforming, and never-ending.
View Quote Have you ever listened to people from the inside? Listened so close you can hear their thoughts — and all their memories. Hear them think from places they don't even know they think from?
View Quote I could never watch television.
View Quote I got twenty different kids telling me twenty different stories.
View Quote I want to go home. Do you understand that? I want to go home. … I saw that I don't like what you do. Any of you. … You pretend to be my friend, the way you pretend everything. A friend doesn't lock you up. A friend doesn't take you away from your home, and say that its for your own good. How long do you really think I'll let you keep me here?
View Quote I'm telling you. I've never seen anything like him.Because of the way he's lived — he doesn't seem to know what things are. I mean, things you and I take for granted, common everyday objects, simple ideas. I just don't think he's ever been exposed to them. He's about the most well-read teenage kid you could ever meet, but in other ways, I think he's a lot like a little child.
View Quote She didn't go some place… your wife. I felt her go. Not "away", just "out" — everywhere.
View Quote She says she believes in miracles now, and that you should too. … She thinks I'm an angel. Come to take her home, and to bring you and Steven together again, and remind you of how much you still are in each other's hearts.
View Quote Something's happened here. Something's happened here. I'm telling you, with everything we know, about science, about the makeup of the human body, what happened in that classroom is impossible. That kid attracted an arc of electricity from thirty feet away, and not just from the Jacob's Ladder, I mean, after a second it was like it was coming out of the whole… building.
View Quote That kid, he lays his hand on the deer while it's still shaking, and then he touches me at the same time. Now, I can't figure out why — till my heart starts pounding, and I'm shaking, and I'm feeling myself hurt and scared shitless, slipping away in the goddamned dark. That's the worst thing I ever felt. Its like I could feel that animal dying. Hell, it was like I was the goddamned thing.
View Quote That was some light-show. People are going to be talking about that to their grandkids grandkids around here.
View Quote There's not much fight in you, is there freak show? You really think you could be like us?
View Quote We're stumbling around in a very dark age basically trying not to kill each other. So it hurts me when you say "So what?" Because you are not just different, Jeremy, I think you have a mind that we won't evolve to for like thousands of years — you're maybe the man of the future right here and now.
View Quote We've got something out here nobody's gonna believe.