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Cora: What are we going to do?
Frank: That's great comin' from you after you've been high-hatting me the way you have.
Cora: What else could I do? Oh Frank. Frank, if I'd only met you first.
Frank: Well...
Cora: Frank, do you love me?
Frank: Yes.
Cora: Do you love me so much that nothing else matters?
Frank: Yes.
Cora: There's, there's one thing we could do that would fix everything for us.
Frank: What? Pray for something to happen to Nick?
Cora: Something like that.
Frank: Cora!
Cora: Well, you suggested it yourself once, didn't you?
Frank: I was only joking.
Cora: Were you?
Frank: Yes, I was.
Cora: Why had you started to think about it a little?
Frank: Maybe I said it, but I didn't really mean it.
Cora: Well, I say it again now and I do mean it.
Frank: Cora!
Cora: Listen to me, Frank. I'm not what you think I am. I want to keep this place and work hard and be something, that's all. But you can't do it without love - at least a woman can't. I've made a big mistake in my life and I've got to be this way just once to fix it.
Frank: But they'd hang you for a thing like that.
Cora: Oh, but not if we do it right and you're smart Frank. You'll think of a way. Plenty of men have.
Frank: He never did anything to me.
Cora: But darling, can't you see how happy you and I would be together here, without him?
Frank: Do you love me, Cora?
Cora: That's why you've got to help me. It's because I do love you.
Frank: Yes you do. You couldn't get me to say yes to a thing like this if you didn't

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