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Cora: My husband tells me your name is Frank.
Frank: That's right.
Cora: Well Frank, around here, you'll kindly do your reading on your own time.
Frank: Your husband, Nick told me I was through for the day and I thought he was boss around here.
Cora: The best way to get my husband to fire you would be not doing what I tell you to do.
Frank: Well, you haven't asked me to do anything - yet.
Cora: I want all these chairs painted.
Frank: All right. I'll look in the paper. Maybe I can find a sale on some cheap paint.
Cora: You won't find anything cheap around here! Look in the cupboard under the counter.
Frank: [He looks and finds a can of paint] As my friend Nick would say, 'That's wonderful.' Next time anybody makes a trip into town, they can pick up a paintbrush.
Cora: Look on the bottom shelf.
Frank: Well, what do you know about that. Why didn't you start this campaign of rehabilitation before I came? Or were you waiting for me?
Cora: Nick was saving that paint.
Frank: Nick saves a lot of things.
Cora: It's none of your business what he saves.
Frank: I didn't say it was. Only when I have something, I don't save it. What do you want to paint these chairs for. They look all right to me.
Cora: Because I want to make something of this place. I want to make it into an honest-to-goodness...
Frank: Well, aren't we ambitious? We want to make a lot of money so we can buy lots of pretty clothes. Or maybe we want to put a little aside for our husband and us in our old age?
[He grabs her and kisses her. She pulls away and reapplies her lipstick before leaving - without a word.]
Frank: [voiceover] For a couple of weeks then, she wouldn't look at me, or say a word to me if she could help it. I began to feel like a cheap nobody making a play for a girl that had no use for me. While I disturbed her, and I knew she hated me for that worst of all.

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