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The Poseidon Adventure

The Poseidon Adventure quotes

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Reverend Frank Scott

View Quote Belle Rosen: You see, Mr. Scott? In the water, I'm a very skinny lady.
View Quote Linda Rogo: I'm going next. So if old fat ass gets stuck in there, I won't get stuck behind her.
View Quote Mike Rogo: You! Preacher! You lyin', murderin' son of a bitch! I started to believe in your promises, that we had a chance. What chance? You took from me the only thing I ever loved in the whole world, my Linda.
View Quote Belle Rosen: You see, swimming through the corridors and up and down these stairwells, I'm the only one trained to do things like that.
Linda Rogo: Will you shut up?!
View Quote Captain Harrison: [discussing the approaching wave] It seems to be piling up those shallows... By the way, Happy New Year.
First Officer Larsen: Thank you, sir. Same to you.
Captain Harrison: [returning to the conversation] What's its speed?
First Officer Larsen: 60 knots, sir.
Captain Harrison: It must be mountainous...
View Quote Captain Harrison: [over intercom to radio room] Sparks!
Wireless Operator: Yes, sir!
Captain Harrison: Get of a Mayday!
Wireless Operator: [puzzled] Mayday, sir?
Captain Harrison: Yes, I said Mayday, Mayday, Mayday!
View Quote Chief Engineer Joe: Chief here. Go ahead.
Captain Harrison: Joe, what the hell's going on down there? Is there nothing more you can do with those stabilizers?
Chief Engineer Joe: There's nothing wrong with the stabilizers, so there's nothing more I can do with them. Besides I got my hands full with this pump! You know damn well what the trouble is - it's that bastard Linarcos!
Captain Harrison: Would you care to repeat yourself? He's standing right here.
Chief Engineer Joe: Good! I hope he heard me!
View Quote James Martin: What do I tell I tell the others?
Mike Rogo: Tell them to break out their hymnbooks and start singing "Nearer My God To Thee"!
View Quote James Martin: What kind of a policeman were you? You've done nothing but beef and complain. Always negative, always destructive. Well, now's you're chance to something positive for a change! [tauntingly] Are you quitting, Mr. Rogo? Are you going out with a whimper, on your belly?
Mike Rogo: All right, you. That's enough.
View Quote Linda Rogo: [dazed] Jesus Christ. What happened?
Reverend Frank Scott: We've turned over.
Mike Rogo: Linda, Linda honey, are you all right?
Linda Rogo: Hi... where the hell have you been?
Mike Rogo: What do you think? Flying around on my ass.
View Quote Linda Rogo: Mike, I saw a young officer on deck the other day, and he looked pretty damn familiar... even with his clothes on.
Mike Rogo: So he recognized ya, so?
Linda Rogo: So doesn't that bother you?
Mike Rogo: If it bothered me, I wouldn'ta married ya.
Linda Rogo: Well, first you arrested me six times!
Mike Rogo: Well, I had to figure out some way to keep you off the streets... until you'd marry me!
Linda Rogo: Come here, you lousy cop.
View Quote Linda Rogo: This is a bunch of crap. We're sinking and nothing's going to keep us from drowning.
Mike Rogo: Keep moving.
Manny Rosen: He's right, Mrs. Rogo, there are air pockets all over the ship.
Linda Rogo: Air pockets?
Manny Rogen: Yes, just because that deck is flooded doesn't mean this one will.
View Quote Manny Rosen: Belle, be careful.
Belle Rosen: You think I'm planning on being careless? [dives in]
Mike Rogo: What the hell does he think she's doing?!
Manny Rosen: Let her go. She knows what she's doing.
View Quote Mike Rogo: Linda, ya hear me?
Linda Rogo: Will you shut up? I'm busy in here!
Mike Rogo: You weren't on the streets that long! How many guys did you know! Do you realize how slim even one of those characters is on this boat?
Linda Rogo: [affected accent] You don't have to shout.
Mike Rogo: [calmly] I said do you realize...
Linda Rogo: [shouts] I heard what you said!
View Quote Mike Rogo: She's got nothin' on underneath.
Linda Rogo: Just panties. What else do I need?
Mike Rogo: What do you mean what else do you need?
Reverend Frank Scott:
Mike Rogo: My shirt?
Linda Rogo: Come on.
Mike Rogo: Linda, next time you put something on like I told you to put on!