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Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz: In the next thirty days, you have twenty nine separate speaking engagements.
Agostino Cardinal Casaroli: And you've emphasized how you must finish your first and second one.
Pope John Paul II: Nevertheless. The mission of the church is to implement the precepts of Vatican II.
Agostino Cardinal Casaroli: But I implore, your Holiness. Could we start implementing it somewhere other than Mexico?
Pope John Paul II: Perhaps Poland.
Agostino Cardinal Casaroli: [pause] Anywhere but Mexico and Poland.
Pope John Paul II: Mexico is constitutionally anticlerical. For one hundred years priests and nuns have not been allowed to wear their robes and habits in public. Can you imagine? In Mexico, the church does not exist... [accidentally knocks off a piece of cheese from his plate. He goes down to pick it up while his aide tries to get it for him] In Puebla, in January. The Latin American bishop's conference is taking place. We should send someone, don't you think?
Agostino Cardinal Casaroli: Yes, Holiness. But that someone does not have to be you.
Pope John Paul II: But it could be.
Agostino Cardinal Casaroli: Well, may I remind, your Holiness, [the pope puts the piece cheese back onto his plate] that the Holy See does not have relations with Mexico and may I make one other point: We have not been invited.
Pope John Paul II: My dear Casaroli. You're a man of great wisdom and imagination.
[the pope's aide, who is standing behind, nervous that the pope will knock the piece of cheese off his plate again, quickly grabs the cheese from his plate]
Agostino Cardinal Casaroli: Well, I imagine that we could avoid the problem entirely if you went as a private citizen.
Pope John Paul II: [looking around the table] Did you see my cheese?

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