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Pope John Paul II (2005)

Pope John Paul II (2005) quotes

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Karol Wojtyła/Pope John Paul II

View Quote Karol Wojtyła: I don't know what to think anymore.
Adam Stefan Cardinal Sapieha: Wisdom is a grace we must seek from God.
Karol Wojtyła: How can we fight them?
Adam Stefan Cardinal Sapieha: Violence only leads to more violence. If you must choose a weapon, choose the one they fear the most.
Karol Wojtyła: Our faith?
Adam Stefan Cardinal Sapieha: Yes, our faith, and our intelligence. [points to Karol's forehead] Our fine minds.
Karol Wojtyła: [smiles] Yes. Yes. Thank you, excellency. [kisses Sapieha's hand and walks away]
Adam Stefan Cardinal Sapieha: Wojtyła? [Karol turns] Caution.
View Quote Karol Wojtyła: One day, God may use you too, Marek!
Marek: Sure he will. I can hardly wait!
View Quote Karol Wojtyła: Thank you, Holy Father. For allowing me to be present.
Adam Stefan Cardinal Sapieha: [dying] The time has come.
[Karol takes his hand]
Adam Stefan Cardinal Sapieha: Karol. Trust God. He has a plan for you. In you, he has placed a gift. Honour it.
Karol Wojtyła: I will do whatever God asks.
Adam Stefan Cardinal Sapieha: Dear God, protect him.
View Quote Karol Wojtyła: The Communists say this: "No room for God in their new city."
Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński: That is what they say.
Karol Wojtyła: They don't understand. He's already there.
Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński: Whatever you maybe thinking, we cannot afford a head on collision which will result in pain and bloodshed. We must work with them.
Karol Wojtyła: Apparently, there is an open area where a church could be built.
View Quote Lech Wałęsa: I don't know what to do.
Pope John Paul II: You must fight. You must call by name: what is good, what is evil. And you must fight for your freedom.
Lech Wałęsa: Do they think you'd say something like that?
Pope John Paul II: You must be tough. You must be very tough. But you cannot hate and you must not kill.
Lech Wałęsa: [pause] We all have such anger for these Communists. They have hurt so many friends, ruined families.
Pope John Paul II: I know. I also know with God's love, one day this will end and then we must find ways to forgive. [pause] Forgiveness is God's might.
View Quote Pope John Paul II: [on President Reagan] And so, we decided to work together, to do our best to make that dream come true.
Agostino Cardinal Casaroli: And part of that dream is Poland.
Pope John Paul II: [pause] I must return.
Agostino Cardinal Casaroli: In these times, Holiness, that can be difficult. Perhaps unwise.
Pope John Paul II: The Communists have imposed Martial law, while less is rested. I must go back to keep the dialogue open! To prevent bloodshed!
Agostino Cardinal Casaroli: We care about your blood! There are unconfirmed reports that the man who shot you, was hired by the Communist party of Bulgaria.
Pope John Paul II: [stops Casaroli, pause] I must speak with Wałęsa.
Agostino Cardinal Casaroli: [sighs] I will arrange it, Holiness. But it will be unofficial. [smiles]
Pope John Paul II: [smiles] Thank you very much. [laughs]
View Quote Pope John Paul II: [seated, frail, looking out at the view of the mountains] Stanislaw, Stanislaw. [Dziwisz walks over to him. He points] Do you remember?
Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz: Yes, Holiness. Yes, I do.
View Quote Pope John Paul II: [to Stanislaw] The American's want to know if the Vatican has a secure line. A secure line, what is - what is that?
[Dziwisz shrugs, meaning he has no idea]
View Quote Pope John Paul II: Friendship is one of God's greatest gifts. A rare place where the truth is spoken.
Roman: Then you and I must speak just the way we used to. Plain and simple.
Pope John Paul II: Plain and simple?
Roman: All right. Well like, I have many friends in Jerusalem who ask "when will you recognise the states of Israel?"
Pope John Paul II: Plain and simple.
Roman: Forgive me, Karol. I know, sometimes I can be a little appraisive--
Pope John Paul II: [stops Roman] That day, when you stood on the back of the Nazi truck, a gun at your back. [tearfully] You gave me the gift of your courage, and I will never forget it.
[they embrace]
View Quote Pope John Paul II: It's strange how much I miss it.
Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz: What, Holiness?
Pope John Paul II: Hiking, kayak trips. By now the Tatras must be covered in snow.
View Quote Pope John Paul II: My dear Casaroli. According to the rules, I need a Secretary of State.
Agostino Cardinal Casaroli: Yes you do. And I would be happy to assist in the matter as I had the honour of serving Pope Paul VI.
Pope John Paul II: And that is why I want you to be my Secretary of State.
Agostino Cardinal Casaroli: Oh. Holiness, no, no, no. Those were other times. I would be inadequate. You don't need me.
Pope John Paul II: But I do.
Agostino Cardinal Casaroli: But why?
Pope John Paul II: You are tactful in ten languages, a master diplomat, deeply loyal. And as I have noticed on occasion, you have strongly held opinions that would not necessarily agree with mine. With God's blessing between the two of us, the scales will balance.
[pause. Casaroli smiles]
Pope John Paul II: Done. [they shake hands]
View Quote Pope John Paul II: My primary task is to lead the church into a new millennium. A world without war, a world of greater social justice. A world where Christian's are unified, and to help me accomplish this. My dear friend, Cardinal Ratzinger. I wish to appoint you Prefect for the Doctrine of the Faith.
Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger: Holiness, I am deeply honoured. But I have many commitments in Germany.
Pope John Paul II: You know my fondness for Poland. How much I wish to remain in Kraków. But sometimes God calls us to faraway places.
View Quote Roman: [being taken away by the Germans] I'm proud to be Polish! I'm just as proud to be Jewish!
Karol Wojtyła: Roman!
View Quote Roman: Uncle Karol.
Pope John Paul II: [sickly] I am too old to be an uncle.
Roman: God bless you for all you have done on this earth.
Quotes about Pope John Paul II (miniseries)[edit]
View Quote Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński: [to Cardinal Sapieha] It's just what we need, another intellectual priest.
Karol Wojtyła: With all due respect, Archbishop Wyszyński. There are many of us who...
[Wyszyński hands Karol a photograph of Marek who is killed]
Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński: I understand you knew him. [Karol stands shocked] One by one, they are hunting down the members of the Home Army. They know that they will go underground again. Anyone who was a part of it and tried to spoil their plans for Communist Poland.
Karol Wojtyła: There are many ways to spoil such plans.
Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński: If you wish to survive, you have to understand.
Karol Wojtyła: Yes. Thank you, excellency.
Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński: I also tell you this because I am told that there are many young people in Poland who count on you.