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Pooh's Heffalump Movie

Pooh's Heffalump Movie quotes

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View Quote Mama Heffalump: Roo, can you hear me, love? Now don't be frightened. I'm Lumpy's mummy.
Roo: Here I am. Right here.
Mama Heffalump: Don't you worry, love. Just leave it to me.
View Quote Rabbit, Pooh, Tigger, Piglet: [thinking Lumpy captures Roo, so they lasso him] In the name of Hundred Acre Wood, I capture you!
Roo: No! Lumpy! [hops on Lumpy's head] Leave him alone!
Kanga: Wait!
Roo: You're scaring him!
Kanga: Rabbit, what on Earth are you doing?
Rabbit: We're rescuing Roo from the heffalump!
Roo: Wait, no, stop! You don't understand!
Rabbit: What? Now, see here, Roo...!
Kanga: Ahem. Rabbit, let him finish please.
Roo: We were wrong about the heffalumps. They're not scary creatures. Lumpy is my friend. He's just like us. He gets afraid.
Piglet: [releases the rope] Oh!
Roo: He likes honey.
Pooh: [releases the rope] Oh!
Roo: And he even learned how to bounce.
Tigger: [releases the rope, instead holds his tail] Oh, look at that.
Roo: So, you gotta uncapture him!
[Rabbit releases the rope and signs]
View Quote Rabbit: [apologizing] Can you ever forgive us? We've been acting very badly.
Lumpy: That's okay, Long Ears. [giggles]
Tigger: I like this kid already. Hoo-Hoo!
Lumpy: [to Roo, referring on Rabbit] You're right, Rooty-Toot. He is nice. Once you get to know him.
View Quote Roo: This is Lumpy! He's a Heffalump!
Tigger: [gasps] A real Heffalump?!
Rabbit: And it's got Roo too!
Tigger: Stop him!
View Quote [Roo finds that Lumpy is inside a trap]
Lumpy: You said they won't be scary. You promised.
[Roo tries to break Lumpy free out of the trap, but fails, because he is not strong enough]
Roo: Oh, Lumpy. I'm so sorry. This is all my fault.
Lumpy: I want my mummy.