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Poltergeist quotes

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Carol Anne Freeling
Diane Freeling
Dr. Lesh
Robbie Freeling
Steve Freeling
Tangina Barrons

View Quote They're here. Note: ranked #69 in the American Film Institute's list of the top 100 movie quotations in American cinema.
View Quote Diane: [looking at rearranged furniture] TV people?
Carol Anne: Uh-huh.
Diane: Do you see them?
Carol Anne: Uh-uh. Do you?
Diane: Uh-uh.
View Quote Diane: How long have you been investigating haunted houses?
Dr. Lesh: Mrs. Freeling, the determination as to whether your home is haunted is not very easy. [A heavy teapot slides across the table in front of her] I -- what I meant to say was, it might very well be a poltergeist intrusion instead of a classic haunting.
[Light flashes twice]
Diane: There's going to be two more in a couple of seconds. They always come in pairs.
Dr. Lesh: Dr. Casey.
[Casey fails to photograph the light flashes]
Diane: You got to be quicker than that around here.
Steve: There's a difference?
Ryan: It's electrical. You can smell the charge.
Dr. Lesh: Poltergeist are usually associated with an individual. Hauntings seem to be connected with an area, a house usually.
Marty: Poltergeist disturbances are of fairly short duration, perhaps a couple of months. Hauntings can go on for -- years.
Diane: Are you telling me that all of this could just suddenly end at any time?
Dr. Lesh: Yes, it could, unless it's a haunting. But hauntings don't usually revolve around living people.
Diane: Then we don't have much time, Dr. Lesh, because my daughter is alive somewhere inside this house.
View Quote Diane: Sweetheart, last night, when you said "They're here.'...
Carol Anne: Can I take my goldfish to school?
Diane: Sweetheart, do you remember last night when you woke up, and you said "They're here.'?
Carol Anne: Uh huh.
Diane: Well, who did you mean, who's here?
Carol Anne: The TV People.
Robbie: She's stoned.
Dana: Oh yeah? What do you know about it?
Robbie: More than you. Ask Dad.
Dana: Ask Dad.
Carol Anne: Ask Dad.
All: Ask Dad. Ask Dad.
Robbie: Ask Dad. Ask Dad. [Glass breaks & spills all over Dana's homework] Not my mess.
Dana: Thanks a lont jerko. I've got class in 20 minutes.
View Quote Diane: Uhhh ... this is probably going to be seem a little strange. We hear better on this channel, don't ask me why. Well, uh -- I guess I'll call her. Carol Anne? ... it's Mommy, sweetheart. We want to talk to you. Please answer me, baby. Please answer me. Please talk to me, bunny.
Marty: -- look at the dog --
Diane: Are you with us now? Can you... can you say hello to daddy?
Carol Anne: Hello, Daddy.
Steve: Hello, Sweetpea.
Diane: It's Mommy, sweetheart.
Carol Anne: Hello, Mommy.
Diane: Hello, baby. Can you see me? Can you see Mommy?
Carol Anne: Mommy? Where are you? Where are you?
Diane: We're home, baby. We're home. Can you find me? Can you find a way to us, baby?
Carol Anne: Mommy, where are you? I can't find you. I can't. I'm afraid of the Light, mommy. I'm afraid of the Light.
Dr. Lesh: Tell her to stay away from the light.
Diane: Maybe it's a way out --
Dr. Lesh: It is -- it is a way out, but not for her. Tell her, quickly.
Diane: Stay away from the light. The light is dangerous. Don't go near it. Don't even look at the light.
Carol Anne: Mommy, there's somebody here ... Mommy, somebody's coming. Mommy, help me, please! Get away from me. Leave me alone!
Diane: She just moved through me. My God, I felt her. I can smell her. It's her...She's all over me... She went through my soul.
View Quote Dr. Casey: I was just about to check out the kids' bedroom, and I don't know, somethin' took a bite out of me! :Robbie: You got bit?
Dr. Casey: Yeah, that or the worst muscle spasm in the world.
View Quote Dr. Casey: There's been some ionization flux. I'd like to make sure it's not caused by humidity coming from structural leakage, but I'm not goin' up there to find out. We have got much more than the paranormal episode taking place here. There's measurable physical science in this house that goes far beyond any of the creaking doors or cold spots I've ever experienced.
Dr. Lesh: The voice source on television - where is it coming from?
Ryan: The absence of a signal on the channel that is not receiving a broadcast means that it is free to receive a lot of noise from all sorts of things - like short wave, solar disturbances, car ignition sparkings -- outer space -- or inner space. Yes, what if these people had an area of bi-location in their own living room? No, I mean: if that is the way out then maybe somewhere in this house, there's a way in.
View Quote Dr. Lesh: Some people believe that when you die, your soul goes to heaven.
Robbie: When Grandpa was dying, I looked at him in the hospital bed. And I was watching. But I didn't see anything go up out of him.
Diane: Well, his soul is invisible, Robbie. You couldn't see it.
Robbie: But how come Grandpa isn't there on television with Carol Anne?
Dr. Lesh: Some people believe that when people die, there's a wonderful light -- as bright as the sun. But it doesn't hurt to look into it. All the answers to all the questions that you ever want to know are inside that light. And when you walk to it, you become a part of it forever. (beat) And then, some people die but they -- don't know that they've gone.
Robbie: They think they're still alive?
Dr. Lesh: Yes. Maybe they didn't want to die. Maybe they weren't ready. Maybe they hadn't lived fully yet or they'd lived a long, long time and they still wanted more life. They resist going into that light, however hard the light wants them. They just -- hang around. Watch TV, watch their friends grow up -- feeling unhappy and jealous and those feelings are bad. They hurt. (beat) And then, some people just get lost on the way to the light, and they need someone to guide them to it.
Robbie: So some people get angry and throw things around - like in my bedroom?
Dr. Lesh: Yes. Just like in school. Like -- some kids are nice to you, some kids are mean.
Robbie: I got beat up once by three kids. They took my lunch money. Maybe they got hit by a truck and they're upstairs right now!
View Quote Dr. Lesh: Well, I'm off. Now these tapes, I am going to have to present them you know.
Steve: Oh please, not on 60 Minutes.
Diane: Or That's Incredible.
View Quote Dr. Lesh: Would your family welcome a serious investigation of these disturbances by someone who can make first-hand observations?
Steve: Dr. Lesh, we really don't care about the disturbances -- the pounding and the flashing, the screaming ... the music. We just want you to find our little girl.
View Quote Mr. Teague: One of your children was born in your house, huh?
Steve: Carol Anne.
Mr. Teague: I understand that she's missed a lot of school...I didn't see her.
Steve: She's around.
Mr. Teague: Listen, I wonder if you'd mind if I asked you a question? Are you thinking about leaving Cuesta Verde?...How's that spot for a bay window, huh?
Steve: Yeah, well, it's pretty nice if you're living up here, but uh, not so great down there in the valley havin' to look at a bunch of homes cutting into the hillside.
Mr. Teague: But you don't have to live in the valley anymore.
Steve: What are you saying?
Mr. Teague: We're starting Phase Five right here where we're standing. All of this can be your master bedroom suite. That can be your view. Interested?
Steve: Oh, Mr. Teague, you know, that's a generous offer. I'm just not a developer.
Mr. Teague: You're responsible for 42 percent of sales. That's almost half of everything down there. Almost 70 million dollars worth of dwelling and properties. Now that's a whole generation of security that nobody can put a price-tag on. Now look, I know we should have made you a full partner three years ago. Well, I don't want to lose you now.
View Quote Rob: I don't like the tree, Dad.
Steve: That's an old tree, it's been around here a long time. I think it was here before my company built the neighborhood.
Rob: I don't like its arms. [whispering] It knows I live here, doesn't it?
Steve: It knows everything about us, Rob, that's why I built the house next to it, so it could protect us: you and Carol Anne, and Dana and your mom and me ... It's a very wise old tree.
Rob: It looks at me. It knows I live here.
View Quote Robbie: Who are all those people?
Dr. Lesh: They're so alone. So alone.
Robbie: Where are they coming from?
Diane: I don't know.
View Quote Ryan: Mr. Freeling, we'll record any psychotronic energy or event.
Dr. Lesh: Yes, Ryan photographed an extraordinary episode on a case in Redlands.
Ryan: That's right. It was a child's toy, a very small Matchbox vehicle. Rolled seven feet across a linoleum surface. The duration of the event was seven hours.
Steve: Seven hours for what?
Ryan: For the vehicle to complete the distance. Of course, this would never register on the naked eye. But I have it recorded on a time-lapse camera. It's fantastic.
Steve: -- mm-hm --
[Opens door to see objects flying around children's room]
View Quote Steve: Not much room for a pool, is there?
Mr. Teague: We own all the land. We've already made arrangements for relocating the cemetery.
Steve: Oh you're kidding. Oh come on. That's sacreligious, isn't it?
Mr. Teague: Oh, don't worry about it. After all, it's not ancient tribal burial ground. It's just people. Besides, we've done it before.
Steve: When?
Mr. Teague: In '76, right down there.
Steve: Cuesta Verde?
Mr. Teague: All three hundred acres. Well, let me tell you, it was quite a deal!
Steve: No, no. But I never heard anything about it, though.
Mr. Teague: That's not the sort of thing one goes around advertising on a billboard or on the side of a bus. What are you worried about? Friends and relatives can visit their loved ones in Rockston Memorial Park - it's only five minutes further, for Christ's sake.