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Pocahontas quotes

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Grandmother Willow
John Smith

View Quote Ben: Watch your feet, you big oaf!
Lon: It wasn't me! It was the tree.
View Quote John Smith: I won't leave you.
Pocahontas: You never will. No matter what happens to me, I'll always be with you. Forever.
View Quote John Smith: You have the most unusual names here.
Pocahontas: You have the most unusual name too... John Smith.
View Quote Kekata: These are not men like us, but strange beasts with bodies that shine like the sun, and weapons that spout fire and thunder. They prowl the earth like ravenous wolves, consuming everything in their path.
Ben: It can look like Ratcliffe's knickers, for all I care, just as long as we get off this stinkin' boat!
Ratcliffe: I'd help you to dig, boys, but I've got this crick in me spine.
Powhatan: [to Pocahontas] You must choose your own path.
Ratcliffe: They're not like you and me, which means they must be evil!!!
View Quote Kekata: Your return has brought much joy to the village. Look at all the smiling faces.
Powhatan: Yes. But there is one smiling face I don't see. Where is my daughter?
Kekata: You know Pocahontas. She has her mother's spirit. She goes wherever the wind takes her.
View Quote Pocahontas: Ma-ta-que-na-to-rath(I don't understand).
John Smith: You don't understand a word I'm saying, do you?
View Quote Powhatan (Angry): I told you to stay in the village. You disobeyed me! You have shamed your father!
Pocahontas: I was only trying to help!
Powhatan (Angry): Because of your foolishness, Kocoum is dead!
View Quote Ratcliffe: I hereby claim this land and all its riches in the name of His Majesty, King James I, and do so name this settlement Jamestown.
Wiggins: Bravo! Beautifully spoken, sir.
View Quote Thomas: What do you suppose the New World will look like?
John Smith: Like all the others, I suppose. I've seen hundreds of new worlds, Thomas. What could be possibly different about this one?
View Quote (After stopping a fight between Meeko and Percy) It's enough to make your sap boil
View Quote [to John Smith] Don't be frightened, young man. My bark is worse than my bite.
View Quote All around you are spirits, child. They live in the earth, the water, the sky. If you listen, they will guide you.
View Quote Don't you think we're getting a little old for these games?
View Quote I lied for you once. Don't ask me to do it again.
View Quote I'd rather die tomorrow than live a hundred years without knowing you.