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David/Bud: What's going on?
Jennifer/Mary Sue: I'm not sure. Um… They wanna ask you a question... I didn't know how to handle it. So....
David/Bud: Sure. [to the others] How you doin'? You wanted to ask me something?
Tommy: How'd you know about the fire?
David/Bud: What?
Tommy: How'd you know how to put it out and all?
David/Bud: Oh. Well — where I used to live, that's just what firemen did.
[The kids all murmur together]
Tommy: And where's that?
David/Bud: Um... Outside of Pleasantville.
Tommy: Well, what's outside of Pleasantville?
David/Bud: Look it doesn't matter. It's not important.
Tommy: What's outside of Pleasantville?
David/Bud: It's really not important.
Margaret: What's outside of Pleasantville?
David/Bud: There are some places … that the road doesn't go in a circle. There are some places where the road keeps going.
Margaret: Keeps going?
David/Bud: Yeah, yeah — it just keeps going — it all keeps going. Roads and rivers and …
Will: Like the "Mighty Mississippi."
David: What?
[Will holds up a copy of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn]
David/Bud: [to Jennifer/Mary Sue] I thought the books were blank?
Will: They were.
Jennifer/Mary Sue: Okay, this was NOT my fault. When they asked me what it was about I didn't remember because I read it like back in tenth grade. When I told them what I did remember, thats when the pages filled in.
David/Bud: The pages filled in?
Jennifer/Mary Sue: But like only up to the part with the raft, because that's as far as I read.
Tommy: Do you know how it ends?
David/Bud: Yeah… I do.
Margaret: So how does it end?
David/Bud: Well, um — okay, let's see…. they were running away — Huck and — and the slave.... they … they were going up the river, trying to get free…. and — in trying to get free … they see that they're sort of free already…. [The pages fill in by themselves, completing the book] Oh my God.

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