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Playing By Heart

Playing By Heart quotes

16 total quotes

View Quote Gracie: Roger..
Roger: Yeah?.
Gracie: Don't be an angerball..
View Quote Hannah: And you really didn't sleep with her?.
Paul: No..
Hannah: And you didn't want to sleep with her?.
Paul: Good G-d, yes, I did..
View Quote Hugh:: I lost my wife and kids..
Allison: Ask the bartender, he can find anything..
View Quote Hugh:: I should be alone. Alone in hell. That's where I am..
View Quote Joan: You should write these kiss-offs down. How to crush a woman's soul in ten words or less. That was ten, wasn't it?
(counting) You're-terrific-Sensational-really-but-I'm-not-right-for-you. Yep. Ten..
View Quote Joan:: (on the phone) The lad doesn't say much, and when he does, he finds just the right words to crush my soul. Of course I'm crazy about him..
View Quote Joan: I said you look like a man in need of a coke..
View Quote Joan: She's got her eye on you..
Keenan: Yeah, but it's her good one..
View Quote Keenan: That is the ugliest cat I've ever seen..
Joan: She's an angel..
Keenan: She only has one eye..
Joan: Yeah, but it's her good one..
View Quote Meredith: They look so perfect together..
Hannah: They look so perfect together..
Paul: Just like we do..
View Quote Meredith: This is gonna sound really weird..
Trent: You're worried about Barley, and you want to go back to your place..
Meredeith:: Oh my G-d, this is way ****ing spooky..
View Quote Mildred:: I never loved your father. Not for a minute.
Mark:: Wow. You're...good at this.
Mildred: I was so relieved when he died.
Mark: Geez Mom, don't hold anything back.
View Quote Paul: You know, I never knew what love was until I met your mother. And by then it was too late.
View Quote Paul: If I have to wear a tux, she has to wear a bra..
View Quote Paul: What are you thinking?.
Hannah Hot liquids and facial burns..