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Platoon quotes

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View Quote Bunny: Hey Junior, you ever smoke any shit?
Junior: That's right dude. You see, ya'll been tryin' to keep the black man down and string him out on that shit. but time be comin' my man, the black man throw that yoke off. Simple, free your mind and your ass will follow.
Bunny: Hey, I can dig it, man. When you smoke that shit everything kind of gets weird, you know what I mean? You heard that story about the gooks putting chemicals in the grass so we don't fight and we become pacifists?
Junior: Yeah, but don't you worry Bunny, 'cos you's a killer anyway, man.
Bunny: Yeah, but I still like a piece of pussy once in a while. Ain't nothing like a piece of pussy, 'cept maybe the Indy 500.
Junior: The only way you get some pussy man, is if a bitch dies and wills it to you. And then, maybe!
View Quote Capt. Harris: Be advised, we got zips in the wire down here.
Phantom Pilot: Roger your last, Bravo Six. Can't run it any closer. We're hot to trot and packing snake and nape, but we're bingo on fuel.
Capt. Harris: For the record, it's my call. Dump everything you got left on my pos. I say again, expend all remaining in my perimeter. It's a lovely ****ing war. Bravo Six out.
Phantom Pilot: Roger your last, Bravo Six. We copy, it's your call. Get 'em in their holes down there, hang tough Bravo Six. We are coming ****ed for treetops.
View Quote Chris: It's the way the whole thing works, people like Elias get wasted, people like Barnes just go on making up the rules any way they want. So what do we do? Sit in the middle and suck on it. We just don't add up to dry shit, King.
King: Whoever said we did, man? All you got to do is make it out of here. It's all gravy, everyday the rest of your life, gravy.
View Quote Elias: Barnes believes in what he's doing.
Chris: And you?
Elias: In '65, yeah. Now, no. What happened today is just the beginning. We're going to lose this war.
Chris: Come on! You really think so? Us?
Elias: We've been kicking other people's asses for so long I figure it's about time we got ours kicked.
View Quote King: Hey, Taylor, how in the **** you get here anyway? You look educated.
Chris Taylor: I volunteered for it.
King: You did what?
Chris: I volunteered. I dropped out of college, told 'em I wanted the infantry, combat, Vietnam.
Crawford: You volunteered for this shit, man?
Chris: Believe that?
King: You's a crazy ****er, giving up college?
Chris: Didn't make much sense, I wasn't learning anything. I figured why should just the poor kids go off to war and the rich kids always get away with it.
King: Oh, I see, what we got here is a crusader.
Crawford: Sounds like it.
King: Shiiit, you gotta be rich in the first place to think like that. Ever'body know, the poor always being ****ed over by the rich. Always have, always will.
View Quote O'Neill: Bob, I got a bad feeling on this one, all right? I mean I got a bad feeling! I don't think I'm gonna make it outta here! D'ya understand what I'm sayin' to you?
Barnes: Everybody gotta die some time, Red.
View Quote [Smoking marijuana]
Elias: First time?
Chris: Yeah.
Elias: Then the worm has definitely turned for you, man. Feel good?
Chris: Yeah, it feels good. I got no pain in my neck now.
Elias: Feelin' good's good enough.