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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl quotes

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Captain Barbossa
Captain Jack Sparrow
Commodore Norrington
Elizabeth Swann
Mr. Gibbs
William Turner

View Quote Lt. Gillette: [after Elizabeth asks him to tell Norrington that Barbossa's crew can't be killed] Oh, he already knows. A little mermaid flopped up on deck and told him the whole story.
View Quote Pintel: 'Ello, chum! [Shoots butler in the head]
View Quote Pintel: [discovering Elizabeth] 'Ello, poppet.
View Quote Prisoner: [after a cannon blasts only his cell open, leaving Jack trapped] My sympathies, friend. You've no manner of luck at all.
View Quote Ragetti: This is just like what the Greeks done at Troy! 'Cept they was in a horse...'stead o' dresses.
View Quote Barbossa: Try the wine...and an apple. One of those next.
Elizabeth: It's poisoned.
[Barbossa grins]
Barbossa: There's no sense to be killin' ye.
Elizabeth: Then release me. You have your trinket; I'm of no further value to you.
Barbossa: [takes and holds up medallion] You don't know what this is, do you?
Elizabeth: A pirate medallion?
Barbossa: This is Aztec gold. One of 882 identical pieces they delivered in a stone chest to Cortez himself. Blood money paid to stem the slaughter he wreaked upon them with his armies, but the greed of Cortez was insatiable. So the heathen gods placed upon the gold...a terrible curse. Any mortal that removes but a single piece from that stone chest shall be punished for eternity.
Elizabeth: [sarcastically] ...I hardly believe in ghost stories anymore, Captain Barbossa.
Barbossa: Aye. That's exactly what I thought when we were first told the tale! Buried on an island of dead what cannot be found, 'cept for those who know where it is. Find it, we did. There be the chest. Inside be the gold. And we took 'em all! We spent 'em, and traded 'em. And frittered 'em away on drink and food and pleasurable company. The more we gave 'em away, the more we came to realize... The drink would not satisfy. Food turned to ash in our mouths. And all the pleasurable company in the world could not slake our lust. We are cursed men, Miss Turner. Compelled by greed we were, but now we are consumed by it. There is one way we can end our curse. All the scattered pieces of the Aztec gold must be restored, and the blood repaid. Thanks to ye, we have the final piece.
Elizabeth: ...And the blood to be repaid?
Barbossa: [grins] That's why there's no sense to be killin' ye... yet. Apple?
View Quote Barbossa: I must admit, Jack, I thought I had you figured. But it turns out you're a hard man to predict.
Jack Sparrow: Me, I'm dishonest. And a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly. It's the honest ones you want to watch out for. Because you can never predict when they're going to do something incredibly...stupid.
View Quote Barbossa: You expect to leave me standin' on some beach with nothing but a name and your word it's the one I need and watch you sail away on my ship?
Jack Sparrow: No. I expect to leave you standing on some beach with absolutely no name at all, watching me sail away on my ship, and then... I'll shout the name back to you. Savvy?
Barbossa: But that still leaves us with the problem of me standin' on some beach with naught but a name and your word it's the one I need.
Jack Sparrow: Of the two of us, I am the only one who hasn't committed mutiny, therefore, my word is the one we'll be trusting. Although, I s'pose I should be thanking you because, in fact, if you hadn't betrayed me and left me to die, I would have an equal share in that curse, same as you. [bites into an apple, smiling] Funny ol' world, innit?
View Quote Elizabeth: So that's that story of the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow? [through her teeth] You spent three days here...lying on a beach...drinking rum?
Jack Sparrow: [pauses, then offers her rum] Welcome to the Caribbean, love.
View Quote Elizabeth: Will, how many times must I ask you to call me Elizabeth?
Will: At least once more, Miss Swann, as always.
View Quote Elizabeth: You have to take me to shore! According to the Code of the Order of the Brethren–
Barbossa: First, your return to shore was not part of our negotiations nor our agreement, so I must do nothing. And secondly, you must be a pirate for the Pirate's Code to apply, and you're not. And thirdly, the code is more what you call "guidelines" than actual rules. [smiles] Welcome aboard the Black Pearl, Miss Turner!
View Quote Elizabeth: Captain Barbossa, I am here to negotiate the cessation of hostilities against Port Royal.
Barbossa: There be a lot of long words in there, miss. We're naught but humble pirates. What is it that you want?
Elizabeth: I want you to leave and never come back.
Barbossa: I'm disinclined to acquiesce to your request.
[Elizabeth gives him a blank look
Barbossa: Means "no."
View Quote Elizabeth: Commodore, do you really intend to kill my rescuer?
Norrington: [offers handshake] I believe a thanks is in order. [finds P-shaped brand scar] Had a brush with the East India Trading Company, did we?...Pirate?
Governor Swann: Hang him!
Norrington: Keep your guns on him men; Gillette, fetch some irons. [pulls sleeve up higher, revealing sparrow tattoo on Jack's arm] Well, well. Jack Sparrow, isn't it?
Sparrow: Captain Jack Sparrow.
Norrington: Well, I don't see your ship... Captain.
Sparrow: I'm in the market. As it were.
Mullroy: He said he was to commandeer one. [turns to Murtogg] I told you he was tellin' the truth!
View Quote Jack Sparrow: Anamaria.
[Anamaria slaps him.]
Will Turner: [to Jack] I suppose you didn't deserve that one either?
Jack Sparrow: No, that one I deserved.
Anamaria: You stole my boat!
Jack Sparrow: Actually–
[She slaps him again.]
Jack Sparrow: Borrowed! Borrowed, without permission- but with every intention of bringing it back!
Anamaria: But you didn't!
Jack Sparrow: You'll get another one!
Anamaria: I will.
Will Turner: [jumping in] A better one!
Jack Sparrow: [helplessly agreeing] A better one!
Will Turner: [pointing to the Interceptor] That one!
Jack Sparrow: What one? [Will nods towards it] [angrily] That one?! [thinks quickly then turns to Anamaria, calmly] Aye, that one!
View Quote Jack Sparrow: You, sailor.
Mr. Gibbs: Cotton, sir.
Jack Sparrow: Mr. Cotton. Do you have the courage and fortitude to follow orders and stay true in the face of danger and almost certain death? [Pause] Mr. Cotton! Answer, man!
Mr. Gibbs: He's a mute, sir. Poor devil had his tongue cut out, so he trained the parrot to talk for him... no one's yet figured how.
Jack Sparrow: [Hesitates for a moment] Mr. Cotton's... parrot. Same question.
Parrot: [squawk] Wind in the sails! Wind in the sails!
Mr. Gibbs: [pause] Mostly, we figure that means 'yes.'
Jack Sparrow: Of course it does. [to Will] Satisfied?
Will Turner: Well, you've proven they're mad.