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Elizabeth Swann quotes

View Quote You will listen to me! LISTEN! The brethren will still be looking to us, to the Black Pearl, to lead, and what will they see? Frightened bilgerats aboard a derelict ship? No, no they will see free men and freedom! And what the enemy will see, they will see the flash of our cannons, and they will hear the ringing of our swords, and they will know what we can do! By the sweat of our brow and the strength of our backs and the courage in our hearts! Gentlemen, Hoist the Colors!
View Quote [To Will during "Trust" scene] I couldn't. It wasn't your burden to bear.
View Quote [to Jack] It would never have worked out between us.
View Quote [after Will asks her to marry him during battle] I don't think now's the best time!
View Quote Barbossa... marry us!
View Quote [to Beckett's "He chose his own fate"] Then you have chosen yours. We will fight, and you will die.
View Quote Prepare every vessel that floats. At dawn, we're at war.
View Quote [to Barbossa saying she can't trade Jack] King!
View Quote [as Will lies dying] I won't leave you!
View Quote [To Norrington] It's too late to earn my forgiveness.
View Quote [In reference to the Pirate Lords/crew fighting] This is madness.
View Quote Will Turner, do you take me to be your wife, in sickness and in health, with health being less likely?
View Quote [To Sao Feng] And some men offer desire as justification for their crimes.
View Quote [To Sao Feng] Pretty speech from a captor, but words whispered through prison bars lose their charm.
View Quote [Will begins to walk away] Will!
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