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Phantom of the Paradise

Phantom of the Paradise quotes

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Winslow Leach

View Quote Beef: Oh, I knew I shouldn't be screwing around with the dead man's music. This place is possessed.
Arnold Philbin: What are you talking about?
Beef: You trying to tell me you didn't hear that shriek? That was something trying to get out of its premature grave, and I don't want to be here when it does.
Arnold Philbin: Opening night prima donnas. Look, iron man, if you're so uptight, take a shower and cool off.
View Quote Swan: [to an assassin] Remember, she must be hit just as Philbin says "Till death do you part."
Arnold Philbin: Now, wait a minute. This may be none of my business or anything, but if you're gonna kill her, why do it here tonight?
Swan: An assassination live on television coast to coast? That's entertainment!
View Quote Swan: Here's the contract. Everything I've said and more is in it.
Winslow Leach: I'll read it.
Swan: At your leisure.
Winslow Leach: "The party of the first part gives the party of the second part and his associates full power to do with him at their pleasure. To rule, to send, to fetch, or carry him or his, be it either body, soul, flesh, blood or goods." What does that mean?
Swan: That's a transportation clause.
[Swan has moved to the other side of the Phantom]
Winslow Leach: "All articles which have been excluded shall be deemed included." What does that mean?
Swan: That's a clause to protect you, Winslow. Anyway, what difference does it make? What choice do you have?
Winslow Leach: [after reading the contract] I'll rewrite my cantata. But you best play what I write.
[Swan pokes the Phantom's finger with his pen, drawing blood…]
Swan: Ink isn't worth anything to me, Winslow. Now sign.
View Quote Swan: Phoenix, Swan here. I want you answer a question for me.
Phoenix: Yes.
Swan: What would you give me to sing?
Phoenix: Anything you want?
Swan: Anything? Would you give me your voice?
View Quote Swan: What do I have to do?
The Devil: [holding a contract] It's all here. Read it carefully, and then sign at the bottom in blood.
Swan: Blood? My blood?
The Devil: Messy, I know. But it's the only way I can bind you. Tradition. What do you have to lose?
Swan: Nothing. [picks up his razor] I was gonna use this on my wrist.
The Devil: Your soul is damned either way.
Swan: What soul? [cuts his thumb]
The Devil: Don't waste it. Now sign.
View Quote Winslow Leach: Phoenix, no one's singing is this Paradise again. No one's ever gonna sing my Faust again. No one but you. Phoenix, leave this place! Swan'll destroy you too!
Phoenix: You're crazy! Why should I go with you? Don't you hear that crowd down there? Why should I give that up?
Winslow Leach: They'll want more now. They want much more. They want more than you could ever give.
Phoenix: I'll give them whatever they want.
View Quote All my dreams are lost and I can't sleep. Sleep alone could ease my mind. All my tears are dry and I can't weep. Old emotions may they rest in peace and dream. Dream a bunch of friends. Rest in peace and dream. Dream it never ends.
View Quote All souls last forever So we need never fear goodbye.
View Quote But I'm innocent! Swan stole my music and framed me!
View Quote Get this **** out of here.
View Quote I'm not a screamer. I'm a singer.
View Quote Look at yourself. Look at yourself!
View Quote Never sing my music again. Not here, not anywhere. Do you understand? Never again. My music is for Phoenix. Only she can sing it. Anyone else who tries, dies!
View Quote Saturday, November 19, 1953. Today I have decided to kill myself. Being the greatest showman of my time, I am recording live for the Swan archives. Why? Simple, I'm getting old. Oh, I can't bear it. To see this beautiful face ravaged by the forces of time? If I can't be young forever, I'd rather end it all — now.
View Quote Trust me.